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  • dmiatanut_rules dmiatanut_rules Feb 2, 2008 3:59 PM Flag

    Sully, are your panties all wet or something?

    Sully (or whoever is behind that ID), you seem absolutely giddy about the Patsies? If football is the most important thing in your life (other than your obvious desire about posting here non-stop), I feel sorry for you, I really do.

    No doubt, the Patsies have a roster of very good talent. Too bad their coach put a great big stain on their accomplishments this year with proven cheating. He cheated, that is not in dispute. No one will ever know if they would have won all those games now. Belicheat should have been fired for being a disgrace. At least he will never get in the Hall of Fame because of that matter, and that is a guarandamntee. He is hated and will never get enough votes, he has too many enemies to go along with that great big stain he now has in public, which embarassed the entire NFL.

    Nonetheless, I would not be surprised if they win the game. I don't know if the Giants can play yet another mistake free game. They may have shot their wad.

    When they win 5 super bowls, like the Steelers, then talk to me. Thanks.


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    • DM,

      Wheere the hell have you been hiding? You haven't been heard from since the Steelers coughed up a fur ball in the playoff game. They sorta remind me of the Ohio State Chokeyes. Neither team can win a game when it really counts.

      As far as Belichik making it into the NFL Hall of Fame. Are you willing to bet your Miata and all your WWE garb? I have a feeling that you would be taking taxi's for the rest of your life and would be walking around the streets naked if you made that bet.

      This years Steeler team would be a unanimous vote into the Hall of Shame after the way they lost to San Diego. And that's a fact jack!


    • Let's re-cap. You drive a miata. You threatened to sue certain posters for bad mouthing wwe. You authored post# 80862.

      shall i continue donnie?

      mr. Sully

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