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  • brianbartley44 brianbartley44 Jul 19, 2008 12:24 PM Flag

    Attention WWE investors

    I recently attended a WWE event with my 10 year old son. Our seats were along the the walk-way the wrestlers take to get down into the ring. A wrestler nick-named under taker was introduced and was walking slowly to the ring. As he was approching are area, I waved over the rail for his attention and asked him for a quick snap shot with my son. Well not only did he not stop, he didnt even acknowledge me with eye contact. I was out-raged and we left.
    Investors I am bringing this to your attention because if this is how these wrestlers are going to treat paying fans, well maybe the fans well stop showing up!

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    • Those guys cannot stop for photos?
      They are on stage and have to walk past hundreds of screaming fans.
      Have you EVER seen one STOP in his tracks on the way to the ring for a picture or autograph??? Of course not. They'd never get to the ring if they did that.

    • during a play the actors dont stop what they are doing to sign autographs. during a movie shoot the actors dont do pics on the side for people on the set.

      you are being a baby. he is doing his job and you wanted him to stop the show to get a picture?

      you have to be joking.

    • Perhaps, he was already into his 'character' and couldn't go 'off script'. Just like the theater, if you want autographs, wait until after the show.

    • pbezich Jul 24, 2008 11:32 AM Flag

      This is nonsense. Your behavior was inappropriate.

    • What kind of man takes his son to watch something as gay as fake wrestling? Why don't you just have him sit on your lap while you surf hardcore gay internet porn. Next time you want some quality time with your son take him to watch a real
      sport with real athletes like football, basketball or baseball.


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      • If you are not interested in Wrestling then why are you posting on here? It's entertainment you fool.

        Anyways, We got tickets for Monday Night Raw Aug. 25.
        Maybe the Undertaker will hear me scream his name. Not!!

        I plan on sitting there with my wife and 9 year old son and enjoy it. I owned this stock a few years back and sold it and made money.

        I am planning to purchase shares again at the end of the year for my pension.

    • he was doing his job your son must was not mad but the you were

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      • After reading a few responses the question as to weather the wrestler noticed or heard me was raised by a few of you. Well I can assure you he heard me, because during his entrance to the ring the crowd was almost silent. This is a transcript of what happend to the best of my memory.
        The wrestler about 15 feet ahead walking down to the ring in near silence.....UNDERTAKER!!!!UNDERTAKER!!!! UNDERTAKER!!!!....(I scream, while leaning over the rail and franticly waving my arms) The wrestler is now parrallel to me and pretends not to have noticed me, before I scream again....I WANT YOU TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH MY SON!!!! No response, not even a glance at me. The wrestler now has his back towards me continuing to the ring, and my last scream....HEY!!!HEY!!!I KNOW YOU CAN HERE ME!!!!!ARROGANT BASTARD!!!!
        And thats the story. Sad but true. Athletes of today have no respect for the paying fans!

    • This is the problem with USA. Buying and selling something because of personal vindication instead of that particular company. WWE is a great buy. Linda McMahon has capture a huge niche in the American culture. USA lies, have no balls, cheats by using HGH and steriods and get results by getting surgical transplants instead of working HARD. I don't have to defend myself, just look at former and current WWE employees. Dwayne Johnson's implants is much publicize. He got his pictorial breast muscle done, and calf to name a few. Others are doing the same thing. To me it is unethical, but to an US investor, it is a money maker.

    • Wow...that has to be a feeling of disbelief! Maybe you should have just asked him for an autograph?

    • I dont believe you. I know the Undertaker personally and he always takes time to acknowledge his fans. Did you think maybe he didnt see you??

      My advice would be to grow some balls and not be such a sissy. Your son must be embarrassed to have such a Nancy for a dad.


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