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  • araemrikian araemrikian Nov 26, 1999 10:29 AM Flag

    ko cuts wwfe

    If you watch the commercial spots during RAW, you
    will notice the hotteset companies only advertise,
    including all the video game companies, toy companies,
    castrol; I know there are many more I cant think of. The
    point is everybody wants to advertise w/wwfe, cause I
    said so!!

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    • They can take a bottle and turn that sombitch sideways and shove it up their candy asses!!!

    • WWFE is overvalued and some investors are going
      to get burned.

      First I would like to say that
      I've a huge wrasslin fan.

      Secondly, Coke can be

      I'm not a fan of investing in WWFE at $21, but I do
      think there is a great buying opportunity on the

      I expect to see WWFE fall into the low teens or
      even single didgits for a number of

      1.) Insiders will be selling soon.
      2.) Wrasslin
      just gets no respect.
      3.) Long term... Big names
      will want BIGGER MONEY!

      WWFE is not a buy until
      we see $10.

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      • You're "reasons" are unfounded because:

        The Insiders WON'T be selling soon because they
        already HAVE sold - The IPO remember ?? Plus VKM owns 97%
        of the voting stock NOT the public stock. The other
        Insiders and ones appointed will be BUYING the stock
        because they DO NOT have options available.

        Wrestling gets tremendous respect. Otherwise the major
        advertisers wouldnt be sponsoring them and a billionaire like
        Ted Turner wouldnt have bought WCW and in turn Time
        Warner would not still own it if it didnt have
        credibility to the financial side which it obviously

        3. Big names wanting bigger money is part of the
        game. Look at all the pro athletes making obscene money
        to play a kids game. The IPO gives them cash to
        support future growth and higher salaries.

        4. You
        have no idea what you're talking about.

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