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  • antbigdog320 antbigdog320 Nov 26, 1999 12:02 PM Flag

    hey mike you dont think it would hurt

    coke more then it would wwf. why.

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    • A lot of things may happen:

      During the
      "does anyone here object to these two people being
      united" bit it could be ANYONE who interferes

      Undertaker is an good choice but too obvious. Mean St. Posse
      ??? Nah..but maybe

      Think of the players that
      will be there.

      VKM walks her down the
      Is Shane the best man ?
      Linda McMahon,Test,Priest
      and the wedding party.

      Maybe someone else will
      profess their love for Stephanie or Test and this will
      postpone it again. OR

      They may actually go through
      with it BECAUSE the Priest or Minister won't be a real
      one anyway. So they can continue to draw out their
      "happy life together"

      We'll soon find out

    • Check out the 1 day chart on WWFE. Very
      positive,bullish and normal for a stock before earnings

      Early morning interest bid it up on high volume.
      Meaning that the "Coke scare" is done and over. Nothing
      to it as I said before.

      Until mid day it
      traded in a narrow range with high volume,which means

      After mid day we saw
      some decline which is NORMAL TO FLUSH OUT THE SHORTS

      Towards the afternoon we
      saw movement up again to the ACCUMULATION

      The last hour of trading was VERY IRREGULAR. Volatile
      1/2 moves up and down signal last minute buying of
      longs and the Fence sitters dumping to them. It also
      show position takers solidifying their

      More than 550,000 shares traded. Earnings due out
      tomorrow after the bell.

      Tomorrow's trading should
      be erratic also but continue an upward

      As far as earnings go,the consensus estimate is for
      20 cents. They should blow by that number easily. If
      they report huge numbers Wall St. cant ignore this
      issue. It's a lot larger and more stable than those crap
      Internet IPO's they are throwing on the market and they
      are PROFITABLE



      Good luck to all
      of the Pro-WWFE crew.

    • I E-mailed a very long and professional letter to
      the E-mail address I listed before for Coke and
      here's what I remember of the reply.

      Thank you
      for your interest in the Coca Cola Company. We are
      experiencing a heavy volume in E-mails and will address your
      questions at a later time.

      Hmmmm...perhaps they will
      get the message ????

    • Of course they had the lowest ratings since the
      show began... it might have something to do with a
      little tradition people call Thanksgiving... I didn't
      watch it, but I taped it... Other people, however, were
      probably traveling to/from relatives houses and eating
      dinner... Thursday's ratings were, and continue to be,
      nothing to worry about.

    • your the king of all retards.

      i know who you are and i still think your a little boy who likes to "punch the clown"

      go back to sleep

    • Wrestling is for morons, and so is this

      You are all a bunch of complete idiots, and you will
      end up losing all of your money. Only a fool would
      invest in a sham like wrestling.

      Please do not
      procreate, as there is already a sufficient number of utter
      fools in the world.

      You are all stupid.

    • The earning will be out tomorrow afternoon or night. Big jump Wed.

    • But I don't know how many people think when
      Micahel Jordan retired, NBA would fade ? It's dangerous
      to think one industry/business is run by some
      superstars. To tell you the truth, I have 3000 shares average
      at $21. But I really don't think it will go below
      $17 which you guys expect to cover. Also I am curious
      how many shares do you shorts hold ... I want to
      drive this stock up so I can make money. I am not a fan
      of WWFE. But are you a fan of WWFE/WCW ?
      DO me a
      favor, if you want to drive this stock down to make
      money, please just say it, don't give us "I did research
      ! Tell you the truth .. " that kind of shit ...

    • The product is not as good as it was 10 years ago. This is a company in big time decline.

    • Does anyone know when earnings will be announced?

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