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  • Cyberman457 Cyberman457 Nov 29, 1999 3:27 PM Flag

    Earnings are delayed

    The Earnings will be delayed about two weeks. As per WWF investor relations

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    • Coca Cola pulled their commericals off WWF
      SmackDown show [network TV] not WWF RAW show, [cable TV]!
      Also, the PPV's are still being sponsored. There is no
      shortage of sponsors; just bad publicity of a few sponsors
      leaving, (who will be back). When they come back the
      advertising rates will be higher.

      Speaking of
      sponsors, the WWF will be airing either a 60 second or two
      30 second commercials during the Super Bowl. Can't
      wait to see 'em.

    • the nba and sports teams are controlled by the
      league. vince is the league so his decision flys no
      matter what. vince can go worldwide or do whatever he
      wants whenever. wwf can quickly move on its toes and do
      what it has to do to make the long longs real rich. i
      mean 5 years or so and more. the wwf will catch on and
      grow big time.

      if i were vince i would start
      going overseas more where he can call all the shots
      like what topics and wow does what how. all the rules
      in the usa are rediculous. it could be fake and very
      very extreme in other countries whose economies are
      booming and they take there entertainment much more

      too many freaking groups telling us what
      to do. change the freakin channel if u think its too
      much. put your kids nose in a book or something if u
      think its too violent. i can't believe people are
      telling vince how to run the show even with cable channel
      out there and all the good rating they been getting
      with their current format.

      this shit bites!

    • I love the WWF just as much as the next guy. I
      think the action is fun and exciting and I would really
      like to see a live show someday.

      selling out every seat in the house does not mean that
      investors will make money necessarily. For some reason, the
      market does not embrace stocks of sports concerns. I
      consider the WWF to be a sports league, with each wrestler
      being playing a separate character (or team). Go check
      out the Cleveland Indians stock. It is dead. Remember
      the Boston Celtics stock? Its no good either.

      This stock will remain in the teens for many many
      months. $30 would be a miracle. Do you guys know who is
      making the real money here? The McMahon family. They
      knew exactly what they were doing. Don't waste your
      money on this stock. Just enjoy the show.


      WWFE's a steal below $18 especially before

    • Way underpriced stock; solid future growth. My
      guess for the temporary dip:
      If the $6million worth
      of options granted to performers expire this year,
      holders may be panicking to sell them this year. This
      could explain the temporary dip. (An option gives the
      performer the write to sell the company's
      capital stock
      on the Nasdaq).

    • These companies choose to be affiliated
      More importantly these companies are the cream of the
      crop in their respective industries. Another good sign
      for WWFE!!!!!!
      Best Buy--great
      THQ-great stock
      Jakks Pacific-great stock
      Arts-great stock
      EIDOS-great stock
      Radio Shack
      JC Penney

    • Go away. Better yet, go hire some wrestlers (I'm
      sure you could get a couple with your $5 a week
      allowance) and put on a real nice wrestling show at the
      multi-purpose room at your elementary school. You're dumb. Just

    • of coarse not for real,but it's going to be interesting thursday. And thats part of what makes the wwf so great!

    • were the funnest shit i ever seen on tv! Thats real sports intertanment! You nnnnnnnnnn-smack know what i mean!

    • Some major sponsors??? What major sponsors? If you have no facts .....then say nothing.

      Know your role, and shut your mouth!

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