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  • dmiatanut dmiatanut Dec 1, 1999 8:55 PM Flag

    It's going up

    PR can't get worse, and in a short time it's
    pretty amazing their held their own. And it's true that
    inst. positions got solidified. Hell, bad news dumps
    the tech stocks all the time. Microsoft was at 100
    and Intel at 89 in the past quarter, look at them
    recently. Since they had the financial results, good news
    is going to pump up the price, and Vince is a smart
    marketer at the least. The favorable PR will start. Did
    you notice how many press releases pro-Microsoft sent
    out around the time of the monopoly decision? It will
    start to happen soon.

    Giving the wrestlers
    options is a great idea. Vests over time to incent them
    to stay. And they can definitely directly impact
    stock price by performing their best and kicking ass.
    They have a long history of interesting character
    development at the WWF.

    Even if Vince tones down some
    outrageousness (but I hope NOT TOO MUCH!), more viewers will
    absolutely come in, as well as advertisers because of the
    audience. Everybody wants to make money. And then he can
    make the PPVs totally over the edge, no holds barred
    viewing. The money will pour in.

    Holiday shopping
    gives them a boost for next quarter. It may take a
    little while for it to go, but it will.

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    • All of this negative publicity might actually
      work in WWFE's favor now. It may draw in people that
      didn't watch before because they want to see what
      everyone is making such a big deal about.

      negative publicity turns to positive. Look at all the
      negative press people like Howard Stern and even our
      beloved President received and they came out on

      Its pretty sad when parents complain about wrestling
      when they should be worried about a deceptive liar and
      cheat running the country.

    • The video 'Know Your Role' is number one on the 'Recreational Sports Video List'. The WWF currently holds 8 of the top 10 spots.

      Chyna's autobiography is expected around May of 2000.

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