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  • goosoit029 goosoit029 Dec 28, 1999 3:36 PM Flag


    if you want to make a statement, INVEST in the
    company..the company doesn't make $$ from how many
    shareholders there are. they made their $$ from the
    underwriting/ipo...if you get enough 'protesters' like you to invest,
    you can get together and kick mgt out since
    SHAREHOLDERS are owners and thus decide what mgt does...

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    • Philly? What a sweat sewer city that is! A city
      in which they have a court room right at the Vet due
      to the fact that people in Philly are morons!
      far as my stocks go....Damn right I invest in Blue
      Chips. I am in for the long haul, not the quick
      I wish i was on Christmas Break!


      God how I miss
      Owen Hart.

      It's time to kickstart this stock
      and get it back to the 20s again.

      With the
      small float and most of the shares locked up in the
      14-17 price range we should get some movement on

      Still waiting for the reiterations from the IPO
      backers...what's their problem ??

    • I like watching men in tights and hopefully I can see someones package...mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm

    • <EOM>

    • I was at a bar last night. There was Monday Night
      Football. Big college basket ball game.
      Like the Rock
      says "It doesnt matter", you know why
      More than
      half the tv sets were on WWF, Raw is War. People were
      watching it, and talking about it. Nobody cares about real
      sports. They crave sports entertainment.

      WWF is
      like a mans soap opera, and we all know soap operas
      stay around forever

      Do you smell the WWF's
      product, it smells good to me.

      So many people watch
      it, and it will cotinue to grow, only a matter of
      time before the stocks fail. And good ol WWF
      takes off!!!!!!!!!

    • Watching the trades shows interesting trend. 100
      200 share blocks flowing steadily out. Then every
      15-30 minutes 5,000 shares are bought. Mkt makers
      collecting groups to sell to bigger buyers.

      looks interesting, in that big money usually smarter
      than the little guy.

    • I stand corrected. But that doesn't explain why
      all of my paychecks come signed from some entity
      called the "WCW." Some kind of conspiracy?

      And I
      must truly have some screws lose, because I always
      thought it was spelled "loose," which is somewhat
      different from what I always thought "lose" meant." I must
      be some kind of "looser" for working for WWF. Oh,
      the humanity!

    • You Yankees are hilarious.

    • >>..NY is the center of the world
      Another quite from fish fakey..

      I think the last
      time I called any man 'baby' was when I was with my
      homies back when i was 20 (??).....better stop playing
      with daddy's PC, he might get home and give you a good

    • will explain what i meant. You are just another
      moonshine drinkin', tabacco chewing, inbred redneck like
      the rest of the south.
      "NY is the center if the
      world's ass"
      You probably have never been here. I
      would assume that like the majority of the south, you
      make about 75 cents an hour. Thus,
      you could not
      afford it here....

      #1).I'm from philly fish
      #2). highly unlikely you hold those listed (most are
      blue chips)
      #3). you're full of crap
      when does
      christmas break, little boy?

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