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  • hiphopchipchop hiphopchipchop Feb 8, 2000 1:26 AM Flag

    WWF is pure entertainment

    Tonight while I was watching Raw is War, I
    realized that this was some of the best entertainment I
    had seen on TV in a long time. Its consistently good,
    and I have only watched it a few times. I was channel
    surfing tonight and ran across the old WCW on TNT. I
    watched for about 3 seconds and changed the channel
    because the characters were boring. Then I flip over to
    USA and am greeted with a shot of that fine fox
    Stephanie McMahon. I was hooked watching her slink up and
    down the runway in that sleazy outfit and those hottie
    boots . . . and that was only the beginning. Folks, I
    don't live in a trailer park and I am not married to my
    cousin, but I truly believe that WWF is some of the
    purest and most well thought out entertainment of our

    I have realized however, that this great franchise
    does not necessarily mean its investors will make
    money too. The stock is not going anywhere and to put
    money in it thinking and hoping that these great shows
    and great ratings will translate to a higher stock
    price, is a mistake. The stock may be at its lows for
    all I know, but as an investment, it might not be the
    best idea.

    For now, I will keep watching and
    enjoying these creative programs and will visit this board
    every now and then to drop some comments. Good luck to
    all of you WWF fans out there and for your sakes, I
    hope the stock DOES go up.

    Peace out.

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    • What are you sleeping?

      Ratings, do
      translate into a Higher stock price.

      Why else would
      a brokerage give it a STRONG BUY??

      company is turning the corner:
      a. With the loss of
      Stone Cold, Undertaker, etc
      b. The new theme
      c. Negative publicty with the sponsors
      d. Toning
      down the image of the show.

      It doesnt
      The WWFE is execeuting:
      a. Tremenodus
      b. Fabuolous toy sales
      c. New Wreslting
      d. The XFL will take a chunk out of the The National
      Crime League

      It's only a matter of time

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