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  • squidunker008 squidunker008 Oct 28, 2009 10:16 AM Flag

    Debt Covenants ??

    What debt covents will be violated? Specifics?

    Take your sentiment monitoring, manipulation, and crap to another board. Folks here tend to be older experienced investors. You will not influence us - just annoy us by wasting bits.
    Go to the boards of stocks the "kids" trade. You obviously want to get shares down to buy in, since shorting here is high risk (though you would not have to wait long for a response in price either way - say one week).

    Cash flow is great, debt being paid down, and maybe positive earnings this quarter after all said and done.

    Debt level is under one dollar per share and only 13 - 14 % of book value. Most start-up phase companies should be in such good shape. Financials actually better than Kraft!

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