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  • angryanglican angryanglican Apr 8, 2006 12:15 PM Flag


    the issue is whether home dialysis is ever going to catch on in the USA -it actually costs the dialysis companies more money for dialysis at home not less-CMS does not reimburse more for home hemodialysis and pharmaceutical utilization is less

    penetration is < 1000 patients on home hemodialysis

    this company is tied to the success of DaVita's home program which has been slow going

    a pure specualtive play-so buy if of that bent


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    • tell that to the clinics that are maxed out - that have no more appointment slots available. this is a whole new revenue stream for them. and why do you think the clinic operators are clamoring to expand this option? to hurt their bottom line? i think not. the margins on home treatment will blow away clinic treatment margins.

      thanks for giving me the chance to explain the economic advantage to everyone. nice try -

    • Well I can see you are not that up on things are you, Home dialysis is much cheaper and very much better than at a center, I know because we have been home D for over 7 years and with nxtage from when they came out.

    • This company has the ONE & ONLY totally portable dialysis machine. There are 6 kinds of dialysis -- 5 of those can be done at home. Home dialysis patients have a much higher quality of life and w/ NxStage, many are able to return to work which requires travel. After the initial purchase of the machine, DaVita makes MORE money off home patients, NOT LESS. Reimbursement is the same $$ and the cost to DaVita is less -- home patients visit the clinic only once a month -- deep cut in their overhead for every home patient. Patients can go a 100 miles away in order to get a NxStage -- many are. Home patients are far less costly to Medicare (much healthier, fewer complications, fewer hospitalizations) -- for that reason home dialysis is being pushed by Medicare.

      DaVita is not the only one using NxStage, but I doubt Fresenius ever will (G).

      In the near future, maybe next 10 years, expect the % of dialysis patients doing home dialysis to at least double, and possibly triple. Check out the dialysis boards -- the buzz is huge & the only limit is how fast can they manufacture the machines & how fast can patients get the few weeks of training needed.

      BTW, NxStage now also has an FDA approved machine (about the size of a nightstand) which makes the dialysis solution in the patients home, so shipping for home patients is now minimal by comparison -- pre-made bags will probably now only be used for travel.

    • Not sure how you come up with your figures. Obviously at home there is a 1: 1 equipment ratio, and shipping costs for supplies but no building depreciation expenses or staff to pay, liability expenses have to be much lower. ..Also do you know how this machine flat out compares with other CRRT machines on the market such as Prisma? I'm interested in how they compare in accuracy of treatment and expenses in the 24/7 ICU inviroment. Thanks. JM

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