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  • stockmaster2010 stockmaster2010 Feb 8, 2007 2:49 PM Flag

    I am holding my short positions until after the lousy earnings report

    This is all a hype for the bad earnings report to come. I've seen many of these hypes before, the company has good news to dampen the bad report.

    NXTM will be back around $8ish after the earnings report. Mark my word.

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    • I like trying to make 20-40% on a daily basis. That's why I'm a day trader.

      I just think long term investors miss many a great opportunity to make a heck of a lot more money.

      I'm going to cover now and lock it in.

      Good Luck to you all and to this company, thanks for the money!!!

    • thj_investments, civil answer. Same here. If you are a long term investor, people who short from 13 to 11 shouldn't bother you. Especially when this stock has not been over 10 in the last 6 months.

      Don't you invest for a huge profit like today. Its up 43% right now in one day. 43% profit over 2 years would be considered good. Too high too soon. I'm short, for a short while (1-3 days)

    • I concur. same here

    • Odd's are you are very correct... I've been around the block before with these things. Something is no doubt up for them to sell $20ml worth of shares right before earnings because if earnings were to be a blow out and they are the only ones to this, there would be a heck of an increase in the PPS and they could get a lot more than just $10 bucks a share.

      This play smells, it smells bad to. That's why I shorted it. If this purchase had occurred after earnings, I might have considered going long this AM in the pre-market.

      In my opinion, this is a prop play to dampen something upcoming. Just my opinion and I always follow my gut feelings. Congrats to those who are short in the $13's here and seriously, I feel for those long up there. Good luck in someday getting your money back. I hate to see anyone loose money to the Street!!!!!

      Best of luck fellow traders!!!!

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