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  • davebugs davebugs Jan 27, 2008 5:14 PM Flag

    I Repeat... Get This One While You Have Time

    Can't say who bought at 15. I can tell you that I sold a bit of it to them. Then I bought it back lower. I always keep a core postion.

    This company is far from stagnant. If you're betting against them I'n not saying that you're wrong. I'm just say that you had better be doing constant research due to the potential here.

    One bit of really good news and this one is off to the races.

    Then like I say - imagine all of the companies that would like this pretty much guaranteed revenue stream. Medical device makers come to mind, or perhaps much larger conglomerates like Phillips or even JNJ. A possible buyout is a small reason that I own this stock. But it's worth mentioning. Imagine what that would do to anybody short this stock. Purchasing this company with virtually unlimited potential would be nothing more than a rounding error to some of the larger medical companies.

    Do you have reasons for your statements - or just bashing?

    I can back up my position - not saying that I'm right - but I have actually done research, etc.

    If you have differing opinions I'd really like to discuss them. Perhaps atleast one of us could add to our knowledge.

    If you're simply a basher I've already treated you with too much respect and wasted too much of my time.


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    • Just bashing.

      • 1 Reply to dowdirect
      • Dow,

        Thanks for the honesty.

        I did find a negative today - just how negative remains to be seen - but definately a negative.

        Sometime since September they have apparently hired an outside IR consultant.

        In my investing life of about 20 years this has NEVER been a good thing. I typically don't invest if this is the situation - or divest when this happens.

        Sure it can be expained away, made to sound like a positive.

        But from experience I'd say the odds are stacked very highly against it being a good thing for retail investors. I am NOT a happy investor this morning.

        This just adds a non-value added layer of complexity to obtaining information - no matter how it's spun.

        Until I learn more I'm actually glad that I didn't add under 12 yesterday. And the learning more in a timely manner has just gotten much more difficult.

        This may be a good move for somebody - but I'm willing to bet that it doesn't benefit you or me.


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