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  • dowdirect dowdirect Feb 18, 2008 3:32 PM Flag

    I Repeat... Get This One While You Have Time

    Burn much cash, they need +-$50 to finish 2008.
    The next year, mas pay de interest and credit.(maybe need $100 million or more)
    The car is en bad direction.

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    • Hooper,

      Apparently you aren't buying enough to support this stock.

      Something for NXTM to think about. Those institutional guys are fast money, short attention span, immediate return types. Retail is typically 'stickier' with their investments. More patient investors.

      I still haven't done anything. If this keeps up the tax loss selling in this stock could be phenominal this fall with the financing(whatever method) happenning at about the same time.

      Unfortunately half my holdings are in a retirement account so they are a plain old loss. And it's difficult to get 'new' money back into the account. Fortunately those shares really have zero cost due to trading along with buy and hold shares.

      This is clearly a 'show me' stock now. Folks seem to be selling steadily - daily. I don't see an end in sight yet - do you?

      I see no real news for months - until bad news about raising new funds.

      Do you see ANYTHING possibly positive between now and fall?

      I haven't decided whether to try and get through to IR again or not.

      Anybody talked with IR in the last month or two?


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      • I myself really do not see a short term catalyst to send us higher except for possibly a buyout offer (which I don't think NXTM would take unless it just blew their socks off.)

        It's time to be patient, try to be a bit far sighted, put on your fishing boots and get ready to do some bottom fishing. I still won't buy until the downward pressure eases and the volume settles down but we're now at about 2 times book (according to Yahoo) and trading below enterprise value, things are beginning to look overdone to me. Do I think it can go lower? Yes, in fact I think it's likely it will. But I don't think the company is broken.

        3700-4000 patients by the end of the year, being on the cusp of profit, and I don't know what the Medisystems part of the business is worth but it's bringing in roughly $50 million...all that doesn't sound too terribly bad to me.

        I think you could find a lot of companies trading at 7 bucks that do not have prospects as good Nxtstage.

        This is still a speculative stock but does anyone know another stock with a market cap of 250 million or so that looks as good?

        Ok the pep talk is over, I feel better. lol

      • This one has taken a beating lately. But, I'm holding on!

        I do believe in product--management--and future prospects.

        One day this one will move up!!! On CC, the management was direct, honest, and clear in their presentation. No fluff!

        Hold on---I DON'T like to lose--but I have a good source who strongly believes in this one--as do I.

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