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  • airman12526 airman12526 Mar 18, 2009 1:31 PM Flag

    going down

    I do not know what is causing the bottom to fall out of Nxtm. A few months ago the press said this is the 14th fastest growing company in the country. Also they provide services that allow people to do dialysis at home and save big money because no copays. There loses recently were less then the street expected and still the stock is dropping like a rock. It is time to bail and cut huge losses or hold on?

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    • Something does not add up. Yesterday the stock was up and when I got home I couldn't believe how far it dropped. Then this morning it was up again and on higher than normal volume and now it is starting to go down again. Only tomorrow morning when they announce will the shareholders know where this company is headed and will know if it is time to dump and walk away or stay for the long term. Good luck to all the shareholders of Nxtm. We have been patient long enough for this stock to start heading up.

    • i'm with you - time to double down

    • Management, Management, Management.

    • Look - take it form soneome that used to work there. The company has performed poorly financially for a long time - because there is something rotten inside this comapny - the management. It is run very poorly, the environment is terrible and negative and they treat their employees like trash.

    • At the last investment conference it was mentioned that the company is being very conservative with their business projections. Business is going well on all three fronts. The CEO also mentioned having the international rights for all their products. I think once they start upgrading and bringing forth their new products there will also be a push internationally. This technology is too valuable to just keep in the States. Many foreigners have already been asking about it. This is just a time for the banks and other investment crooks to load up.

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      • All true, business is good in center and in home, just not great. They are plodding forward at a turtles pace, building a solid foundation of customers, and through unfortunate events losing a few too. The problem is there currently is no rush to buy nxtm. They no longer are making projections about patients and profitability because they have been burned, remember 1Q 08? Now more savvy with wall st ananlysts to manage expectations (intentionally conservative), better with bankers- have moved to secure breathing space and lock financing, focused more on fixing the reasons why the quest for profitability hasn't materialized yet. Now it appears that this will bounce between $2-3 and creep up over the long haul. Risk to the downside maybe 1.75? but upside to $7-8. International expansion would be a great move now while they have technological advantage, and there is enough developed world to justify it now. This is why I was bearish on nxtm all last year. With a domestic depression it is a very difficult environment for a domestic only business.

    • the press says they are fine, but the bank says pay me fees for being able to miss payments and let me raise your interest rate, too--they need more funding to survive, and it will cause dilution--the stock market listens to the banker, not the financial reporter;

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