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  • dontdropyourlunch dontdropyourlunch Apr 11, 2010 12:30 AM Flag

    racharsh a follow up question

    racharsh, so is the training just a time and availability constraint of the people working at the incenter? I am just trying to figure what would stop a willing patient/helper from learning the information and in 3 or 4 days and becoming proficient at it.

    I have observed a dialysis clinic before, and it was lined up with lots of people in wheelchairs, walkers, etc., having to wait quite a while for their turn. It wasn't a desirable place for a patient to be waiting around, and I would think patients would be very glad to get out of that multi-week trip to the center.

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    • The training time is variable, and depends on the patient, the helper, and the policies of the dialysis clinic. There is a minimum amount of time (3-4 weeks) necessary to be sure that the process is managed safely (aseptically) and that possible medical contingencies and procedures are understood.

      My wife and I were trained at a Fresineus Dialysis clinic in just under 4 weeks. I had already learned to stick myself using buttonholes at the traditional clinic. The training was done five days a week, with a dialysis session on the System One every day as part of the training.

      I've been dialyzing at home, 6 days a week, since the first of the year. Labs have improved, energy has improved, and my quality of life has improved. The most significant benefit is the gain in control--I can adjust the time of day that I dialyze or the day of the week that I skip treatment as my personal schedule requires. It's no longer necessary to make my life conform to the dialysis clinic schedule.

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      • Great news from a patient.

        Appreciate the comments.

        Have you tried nocturnal yet?

        Or what are the restrictions still in place there. I see that as being an outstanding option.

        Forgive me if I've missed some of this lately.

        I was an early (too early mostly) investor who became disillusioned with mgmt's decisions and still am. The potential here has always been amazing. The execution (and lately seemingly giving away the store for little in return) have been lacking - unless you're talking about mgmt's personal stock options.

        So much so that I was afraid to end at the end of the year when it was cheap.

        Now that I'm in the green trying to see if I want to hang on to any shares.

        Haven't listened to a CC for a while.

        Any comments to help me get back up to speed would be appreciated.

    • The training time for patients is up to 10 weeks. They train during their dialysis sessions at the clinic. They must know everything about how the machine operates and what to do in case of problems so that when they are on home dialysis they are able to deal with any exigencies. So no, it cannot be done in a few days.

    • The patients have a scheduled time for dialysis and wait time is usually around 15 mins.
      If you have watched dialysis then you know that we are shunting the blood througth the dialysis machine. The procedure has to be aseptic otherwise you can introduce infections. You need to know how to string the dialysis machine and clean it up after dialysis. You also need to know how to handle medical emergencies, eg fall in boood pressure, air leaks and other problems. You dont have medical personnel available at home to help you . It does take take 5 -6 wks.
      But all this really does not matter for Nextstage. main concern is how many people will switch to home dialysis. Now since large dialysis providers have an incentive to switch patients to home dialysis , they are marketing this to the patients. We are still at an early stage since the reimbursement is effective Jan 2011. That being so, the push will come in 4 th quater. We will see nextstage revenues increase at the end of 1 st quarter 2011.

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