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  • hoperalot hoperalot Sep 20, 2010 6:10 PM Flag

    100% Buy at

    This one is going higher---is a buy out coming?

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    • Couple factors here.

      First, I think there is pent up demand on the stock. Second, the insider are sold, they are done, and they are now second guessing their timing because the stock is higher.

      Third, my sister works in this market. There is a whole bunch of stuff going on. Lots of "new" vendors showing up, offering to take her out to dinner. But at the end of the day, she says to me, "....these people are uncomfortable at the clinic. They want to be home. And, they can eat more at home."

      End of the day, no matter how long it takes to get the treatment, America wants to hide behind closed doors and use a product like this. The growth, IMO, is going to be exponential.

      key thing here is for NXTM to get all of its 5 or so factories online, all talking to each other and cook this in for a nice stable climb into the next phase of growth.

      BTW, Lawrence MA is a dump. I live right up the street, about 15 miles north. If these guys are sitting on millions in Lawrence for crying out loud. Even if they have vendors come to town, its only going to cost them $50 for a meal at the best restaurant because there are no classy places there ( think wool mills, lots of brick, downtown...etc..etc).

      Best part is the stock won't get ahead of itself. Look at the chart. Everyone wants to keep the chart in the same shape. No need to pump it up too soon, just let it go.

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