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  • hoperalot hoperalot Oct 5, 2010 3:33 PM Flag

    I'm Out today---It's been a good ride!

    Probably error in selling at 20.01---but you won't go broke taking a profit.

    Best wishes to all!

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    • Awesome run for some of the longs out there. You know I look at charts like this and think how great it would be to hold, to avoid the old "disposition effect" and frankly without any type of news related "anchor" its super difficult to hold.

      I'm late to this game, but I'm still ramping up. Isn't that interesting? It's like the passing of the torch.

      Without having close ties to the markets served by NXTM, I would not be here. When I talk to these people, even the ones who don't have a clue on what a stock it, they are very encouraged and even dish out a dose of respect for this company.

      Will exit half of my position at 26. I fully expect a retrace to test support in the mean time, which I have another $30K ready to go. will aso check out TGB since you guys tend to get in early and nail it.

      great board!

    • wow. Hoperalot you have had a very good trade here. What are you going to put your massive gains into now?
      I was wrong on this one. I thought the top was 14.50 Went short and got stopped out. Said at the time I wouldnt short again until 20. Here we are. This chart is absolutely picture perfect if you have been long and you have-congrats.

    • The most vocal long it totally out?

      I've been selling some basically every couple of points since 14. Not many shares left. All house money.

      But I'm thinking about selling more today as well. Still no earnings here. But if you're a chart guy it's a thing of beauty.

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