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  • Crush78 Crush78 Nov 25, 2004 7:18 PM Flag

    i stand corrected

    i read they make use of forward contracts and do actively hedge. incrdible what they did to this company, and especially its shareholders! wonders me that there wasnt an outright rebellion...
    so till 6 and change we have free way to go, then the shares of the netro ac. come into play. furthermore the offering at 9 and change, meanin significant resistance there by longs if any are left.
    i keep my fingers crossed.

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    • Yes, company screwed up. Tough telecom market but yes they did.

      So, the bashers come here and say basically that because the screwed up in the past, they will screw up in the future. There will be no re-financing. They will go bankrupt.

      That type of analysis flies against the volume and price runs and what the buzz is about the refinancing.

      The refinancing will be much less dilutive than has been rumored. Why? They have contracts and strong markets that analysts have evaluated and which have established credibility and legitimacy.

      They are in the perfect spot at the right time. WMAX is still years off and they will be in there pre-WMAX, or whatever you want to call it, while the eggheads and bashers are debating.