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  • jamookey jamookey Mar 24, 2004 8:03 AM Flag

    BCwoman took the beating

    Hey CT,did you sell your shares?If so then what are you doing posting here?Are you so concerned about our financial well-being because you are a nice guy?I think you are a small time trader with a short position who is in trouble.good luck.after earnings ,your gonna need it.

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    • Those who know me know. I am not falling in love with any of my holdings. (Hey� it�s strictly business) and I certainly do not get married to any. I try to buy at the right opportunity and maximize my profit by selling when I can make some money. I believe it is better to pay Uncle Sam his share, rather than hold forever just to see the stock dropping back to the point of purchase.As to TDY. Look at my 2/28 call.It was a nice time to sell at $20.40. Don't you agree?

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      • No one will argue that you were right this one moment in smart as you are you probably stand better than a 50% chance of being right, maybe even 60% or better, but the wealthy do not go for the in and out trading. It is a hard way to make a living and your uncle takes 35% of your winnings regardless. On the other hand, the "most" taken for a big (say several million) win long term is 28% through the AMT and the lowest is 15% with an ordinary capital gain.
        I am not talking about falling in love with a stock but merely finding low priced good long term investments and hanging on to them until at least you can get a capital gain. Believe me, this is the way you earn permanent vacations anyplace in the world at a very young age! There are other ways, inherit the money or marry rich, but then you miss all the fun of earning the money. Best wishes....

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