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  • diemakerall diemakerall Mar 19, 2009 4:37 PM Flag


    Maxx the Guru of Wall Street...
    Dispensing his 50 years of investment knowledge--with a little stern lecture about "doing your own research"--to those newbies that wallow into this La Brea tar pit of dismal morass posing as a stock.
    You would think any company with "Energy" in its name would take the "Energy" to re-do their profile. Blue Fish!! Sounds like something you'd get in a restaurant in Boca Raton.
    The only oil this outfit will see is when they pop a can of sardines--Gold?? When they get "Grille" work done at the local dental clinic...
    I suppose you and "Uncle" Larry (where are Moe and Curly?) could put me on "Ignore" It worked so successfully with char_horse..
    Damn out of time--got 15 more stocks to bash before quitting time...
    Psst! char_horse--I'm on your side--I got a tip but don't tell Abbott and Costello--I mean Maxx and Larry---check out THMR-PK.
    Good afternoon all--see ya next week...

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