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  • momentum74 momentum74 Nov 22, 2010 11:45 AM Flag

    Breaking news ISRG .Insider buys!Dir Johnson.

    Check the Dj wires. Insider buying to defend the stock with direct purchases .

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    • No actually all of my information comes from The New England Journal of medicine, a scientific journal that even if you could find one you would not be able to understand

    • Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me! You Republicans are all the same, a bunch of name callers, because you really have no knowledge or expertise in the areas that you grandstand constantly about. You obviously have a degree in nutrition so I won't bore you with the details of the scientific evidence that you seem to have missed...but like most Republicans science means nothing to you..if you have an opinoin it's the same thing.

    • First of all, there is significant attention on how to pay for the health care reform in the bill..unlike the Medicare prescription drug plan passed by bush and unprotested by the likes of stupid republicans who think taking mineral supplements actually do anything to keep themselves healthy. Second, your insurance premiums would go up whether this bill was passed or not, and since now everyone buys, and the costs are spread put, my insurance actually went up a lot less this year with the new reforms, and I was able to add my adult kids for less than 175 a month, including dental. Third, if you think you aren't paying now for uninsured crack addicts, you are so delusional. Go spend a day sitting in an emergency department wait g room at your local hospital. This bill will help decrease the cost of health care, because it focuses on prevention, and everyone will be covered ,we will no longer have to pay expensive ER costs and urgent care for the uninsured having disasters in the hospital. For people like xray who think everyone down on their luck and health should just die in the street maybe you'd be happier in someplace like India. Over there you could probably also bathe in the ghangi river for
      health or find some tiger claw to supplement your food based vitamins, of which there is also no evidence of efficacy.

    • fish_discover_water_last fish_discover_water_last Nov 23, 2010 7:19 AM Flag

      you make some good points but the problem is that the healthy people that have insurance are ALREADY subsidizing the care for the uninsured and under-insured in the form of the relatively higher prices billed to these patients by hospitals. Hospitals make up for uninsured and uncollectible bills by charging the other customers more, just as the credit card and pretty much every other business does. The difference is that in the end, not everyone gets a credit card but everyone gets medical care, one way or the other. Right now, the uninsured are getting it in the most expensive way, at the emergency room.

      your point that they "will opt for the $600 annual penalty and then buy the insurance if they get struck with a chronic illness" is possible

      That may be true for some but is not that likely to be true for large numbers of people. These are difficult problems. It's hard to make an incentive/penalty that works well across economic classes. Take the example of a parking ticket. A $50 parking ticket to a high net worth person is barely a disincentive to park illegally but you can't raise it to $1000 because that would be an unfair burden for a simple parking mistake by a person making minimum wage.

      The $600 penalty may not be high enough to promote compliance but people are already screaming about it on principle so raising it to make it more effective would be practically and politically difficult. BTW your "healthy people" could do something similar by buying high-deductible plans and then shifting to a lower deductible if they end up with a chronic illness.

      These are difficult problems and these are earnest attempts to address them. Unfortunately the important discussions that need to take place around these issues have devolved into hack political posturing to the exclusion of seeking solutions. Unfortunately the drag these issues place on society is secondary to their value as political fodder. The problem is worth more politically than the solution.

    • You are right about unforeseen risk and health issues can hit anyone--regardless of lifestyle. The problem with ObamaCare is the plan will raise the cost of personal policies due to guarantee issue and several other issues. The unintended consequence will be all the healthy risk that can buy super high deductibles and choose a healthy lifestyle, will now be forced to pay a higher premium for those who really need insurance, not just those trying to be responsible. Instead, they will opt for the $600 annual penalty and then buy the insurance if they get struck with a chronic illness. Common sense and prudent buying behavior will always prevail over good intentions.

    • Sorry, but you can look healthy, act healthy, have normal cholesterol, exercise daily, not smoke, not drink, have no bad habits and still get nailed with three heart stents when you are in your mid 40s. I am living proof of that. Then go and try to get insurance from another carrier once you have something like that happen to you. They turn you down flat. You only think it won't happen to you because it has not happened to you yet, but when it does, you will beg for pooling on insurees.

    • How about no copays anymore for preventative procedures, like mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopies. How about the focus of the bill being preventative in nature, how about if you have noncurable illness like cancer your insurance company has to help you pay for expenses in a clinical trial. Since you continue to be so hostile I'm assuming you didn't sell your shares 50 points ago either. Your such a dumb sheet, another blow hard who acts like he knows everything and knows very little

    • Actually there will be more coverage, for those of you who know anything at all about this bill. Personally I was able to put my 23yr old sons back on my policy, like thousands of other parents out there. and if you have reached your lifetime maximum you will continue to be insured. You have no idea what you are talking about, just running off at the mouth about obamacare without any presentation of facts at all. People who that do that do it because they don't know anything about the issue

    • you will see lots of this in the future. especially with the hundreds of millions in buybacks coming.. all insiders will want in before the giant run up. going long is a no brainer at these levels

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      • The run up today was actually a bounce back from the option burn people got getting manipulated as their options expired. Last quarter was their slow quarter so naturally sales should pick up.

        Of course, anyone should know that last quarter is their slow quarter and that they did great considering the fact except analysts that straight line earnings and the speculators that couldn't care less.

        Anyway, I think the market makers have finally had their fun burning the weak hands in this stock. In 2 years this is a $600+ stock so someone will be crying that they got shook outy of it at $250.

    • Put a sock in it. ISRG will do fine. Stop blaming Obama for all our woes

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