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  • autoover autoover Jan 22, 2013 11:21 PM Flag

    gotta luv it when shorts like citron getting it's time for ackman and gang..

    can't wait for punishment on hlf or atleast gradual paper profit erosion...

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    • Citron background shows he has criminal tendencies. Ackman at least seems more logical, even if he fails. Citron depends on fabrications and half-truths

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      • Citron works more on stretching of the truth. I have read his reports really closely and found that he is careful and very calculating in his statements. He carefully hints and troubles and dangers without giving the full facts. He focuses the reader's attention on something without providing a proper frame of reference. Sure there are bad outcomes with the DaVinci, but compare it to open surgery and there are just as many if not more bad outcomes.

        A classic example is that some people worry about plane crashes. And indeed plane crashes when they happen are bad. But more people die in car accidents in a year than all the last 20 year's plane crashes combined. So is a plane more safe than a car, heck yeah, but nobody thinks about their car crashing when they get into it like they do when they are in a plane.

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