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  • shlockheed shlockheed Feb 2, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Hey Mr Fishman.....

    Is that true, that they "only have enough shares" to go 2 for 1 on a split?

    That guy never responded to my post. That don't sound right. They could do any an 800 to 1 split right?

    These boards are full of BS'rs that don't know what the flip they are talking about.

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    • andersongordon Feb 2, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

      Sorry I was out wiring up a friends high tech wood stove and didn't see your post. I've answered it now. look at the annual report if you want proof. Check out stock shares, issued shares and the difference is the banked shares. You will see them listed as issued shares ($0.01 @) , along with additional paid in capital (the difference between issued price and the subtracted penny).


    • What people fail to see, is that "institutional ownership" has every thing to do with "average joe" ownership.

      Splits have been proven over time to boost a "true" growth company's market cap. ISRG is a true growth company. (The founder's must have super IQ's.) I know I'm impressed.

      And..... just because some big Hedgie or some other mutation of "money manager" owns a million shares,....... doesn't mean he/she wouldn't welcome a split that could be used to dump lots of additional shares of this 'highly visible" American success story on newcomers to his gig, that gig a scam or not.

      All in all.... I ain't sayin' I'd go long with grannies purse..... but I sure as hell would not short ISRG either. You can take that to the bank.

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