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  • montaigne11 montaigne11 Feb 19, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    JAMA Publishes Columbia Study that will Sink ISRG

    No benefit. Much greater cost. Here is a link.
    No hospital is going to be buying robots with a 8.5% cut in Medicare Advantage reimbursement.
    Seriously, do you think this is going to be the end of Government involvement in Health Care pricing.
    No wonder insiders selling.

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    • Well that was and interesting day. I learned a lot by going back and reading all the comments again from last night and this morning. I wish everyone the best.

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    • For those interested, there is no answer at either Media Relations or Investor Relations at ISRG. It is not even 4pm in Sunnyvale. The phone number is 408-523-2100. Must be in meetings.

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    • You "forgot" to quote the most important part of the article:

      "Mario Leitao, a gynecologic oncologist at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center in New York who uses the robot, said the study results won’t change how often he uses the device."

      “It is like asking a jet fighter pilot to go back to a World War II airplane because it is cheaper,” said Leitao, who has consulted for Intuitive. “The robot is here to stay.”

      What this means is that critical mass has occurred and there is no going back - sorry...

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      • He also "forgot" this quote: "Significantly fewer patients required hospitalization for more than 2 days after robotic hysterectomy (19.6% versus 24.9%, RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.67 to 0.92)."

      • They also "forgot" this quote: "Significantly fewer patients required hospitalization for more than 2 days after robotic hysterectomy (19.6% versus 24.9%, RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.67 to 0.92)."

        Gee, how much does a day in a hospital cost, and what is the increase in nocosomial infection rate for a patient as pertaining to each additional day in a hospital?

      • Underline "who has consulted for Intuitive" that means this guy is a shill.
        Average costs for robotic hysterectomies totaled nearly $9,000, versus about $3,000 for the least expensive method, a different type of minimally invasive technique using more conventional surgery methods.

        This has really got to hurt. And this is not just all the injury claims. Most of them are not associated with gynecological surgery.

        I think sorry for you. You really need to be in a hospital everyday like me to see what is going on. But you never know ISRG may really take off tomorrow since the positive press from Cramer and the Seeking Alpha. Keep your shares handy I will be buying them back tomorrow.

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    • OUCH!!!
      Robots are "an enabling technology among surgeons," and might speed the adoption of lower-risk surgeries, but "it's an expensive way to get there," says Marty Makary, a surgeon and patient safety researcher at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. "We can't just adopt new technology because it's cooler to use. It has to have established benefits for patients."

      The widespread adoption of robot surgery before those benefits have been found is a big part of "the story of what's wrong with health care spending in America," he says.

      Tomorrow will be interesting.

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    • 5:25 EST 2/19
      Wall Street Journal just comes out with article about the Columbia Study. Also Cramer picks ISRG as a Winner.

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    • If ISRG doesn't open down 10 points tomorrow am and stay down there throughout the day, the shorts are going to get a new one ripped! Already not much of an affect after hours.

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      • Prerelease to press was in mid-afternoon and not put on web till 4 pm. Here is link to WSJ article
        This came out at 4:30.
        The editorial in JAMA is interesting in that the Chair of Surgery at the Brigham calls robots a "waste" at small hospitals but that they are going ahead and buying a 3rd. Contract must have been signed prior to today's data. See how even the Chair at a Harvard hospital is going to have to cover his behind.
        Now also on NPR.

    • A message for all longs:
      Bend Over, Stick you head between your legs, and kiss your #$%$ Goodbye

      Surgery to remove the uterus with a $1.45 million robot from Intuitive Surgical Inc. costs thousands of dollars more without reducing complications compared with standard less-invasive surgery, a study found.

      Researchers examined data from 264,758 women who had a hysterectomy for benign conditions such as fibroids at 441 U.S. hospitals from 2007 to 2010. The robot operations cost hospitals $2,189 more per procedure than performing the same surgery without the robot, according to the study released today in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

      The research illustrates how the adoption of expensive medical technology can outpace data proving its benefits, said Jason Wright, a gynecologic oncologist at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and the study’s lead author. Robot operations rose to 9.5 percent of hysterectomies in 2010 from 0.5 percent in 2007, the data showed. Yet there are few large studies charting the benefits over conventional less invasive operations, he said.

      “The major concern is that the robotic procedure really didn’t show a lower complication rate yet it was substantially more expensive,” Wright said. Why the robot took off so fast “is the million dollar question.”

      With standard minimally invasive surgery, called laparoscopy, surgeons manipulate instruments through several tiny incisions in the abdomen while looking inside the patient through a camera called a laparoscope.

    • Would you mind explaining the cut in medicare advtg reimubursement as it pertains specifically to ISRG? Is this new news? thx

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      • JAMA just released this at 4PM EST on 2/19/13.
        All hospitals today were shocked by the severe cuts in reimbursement. Most were expecting a 2% cut and got 8.5%. This cut will harm all future capital expenditures by hospitals. Plus this is a very worrisome signal. How this directly relates to ISRG No hospital is going to buy robots (or other expensive tools) when your bottom line is attacked. And especially when efficacy is not demonstrated.

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