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  • quietprofits quietprofits Apr 19, 2013 9:00 AM Flag

    CNBC Headquarters 201-735-2622

    Call them an lodge a complaint

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    • As Buffett says if YOUR company is buying back stock as ISRG does you WANT the shares to go down. The lower the price the more shares can be purchases shrinking the float and INCREASING YOUR OWNERSHIP. Buffett would never complain about lower prices WHEN a company he owns is doing buybacks with cash.

      I'm sure ISRG management is taking advantage of the short selling and panic. The revenue numbers and earnings were all good. Forward guidance was a little sandbagging so they can ensure they do not miss and continue to beat this year. Add into that the CNBC campaign against ISRG to help their buddies get out of some huge option positions they got slaughtered in and you get lower prices TODAY. What next week, next month or next year bring will likely be higher prices. If not be happy ISRG is making your ownership worth more as they grow earnings and reduce shares

    • You're such a little b!tc#.

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      • Look, we understand emotions and wanting to get even etc etc, but what real good is it to waste even a nano-second of time trying to convince anyone at nbc/cnbc they are stupid to keep this guy?
        We watched the old squawk box on Tuesday and nothing has changed there. Well except the Mark haines suicide rid thw show if him and we see Erin the Lead Me Anywhere dog collar wearer is gone. The Red head really lovely zLiz something apparently is gone. We watched the Plastic face Muhrissa bad laugh broad and she is pitiful. so why waste time worrying or concerning yourself with they?
        It would be like on the day Hitler invaded Poland, you found Adolph's phone number and called him trying to convince him HE WAS WRONG...Think that owuld have worked. FTITCTAJ..LOAO

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • herb greenberg is a " mr negative storyteller" - herbal life and green mountain coffee roasters and for profit schools to name a few - I watch cnbc regularly and I can't remember when this leach ever had a positive thing to say about anything - his slant is always somethings wrong - he probably has someone selling short for him prior to his stories- maybe someone should research Herbie!

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