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  • victorspam Apr 19, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    What's Herb Greenberg's Agenda?

    How irresponsible for a person to use their platform for their own personal agenda? Instead of informing the public, this guy uses is role on CNBC to push his own agenda. He should be fired or investigated for fraud.

    He has over 15 articles bashing ISRG in the last week. His last 10 tweet is bashing ISRG.

    No wonder people have no respect for journalist nowadays.

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    • He's a bonehead. I find it best to generally do the opposite of what he says. I do find it bothersome he can personally launch an assault like this given his media exposure. It reeks of conflict of interest to me....

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    • The same mind set agenda as "Miss" Kim in N Korea--TO GET ATTENTION FOR HIMSELF.
      He might have some old line surgeons in the family who is trying to appease.
      No one knows expect he as to what he and MUH RISSA are trying to accomplish.
      The new fool on the Squawk show we watched for a bit the otherday is just a typical in the belt way NBC CNBC LIBERAL suck up.
      But we shall always remember the comment from the now late Mark Haines when ISRG first became known.
      Paraphrased here "It'll be a cold day in hell when I let a tin can robot cut on me".
      That just about says it all.

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    • what??

      are you saying no company should be investigated?

      no bank ? no doctor? etc etc

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      • Slick there are some questions just too STUPID to spend any time answering.
        Your's qulalifies

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      • No. He's saying that a responsible journalist should attempt to tell the whole story - or rather, a balanced story. For example, how do the reported incidences compare with other modes of surgery? He can't even perform that simple journalistic duty. All he is doing is regurgitating negative stuff that has been printed by short sellers (Citron). Has he brought up one positive aspect of ISRG? Has he actually interviewed the plethora of surgeons that have a counter view to the lawyers that are trying to prosecute this in the press?

        Actually, the bigger story (exposé) is the magnitude of how an excellent company such as ISRG is being slammed in the press when there is little evidence to support that the device is attributing to the cause of reported issues other than what normally occurs during other routine operations - whether that be open or lap.

    • That is why I no longer watch CNBC. I had watched it for at least a decade plus. Not sure if I got smarter or they got worse but too much of CNBC is opinion and agenda versus just facts. I'll do my own opining to make decisions thank you.

      I took a tour of cnbc headquarters in person and it was a HUGE wake up call. On the tour I was told how they have 14 hours of programming each day and they have to fill all that air time. They literally said they are a giant booking machine bringing in feeds of booked guests over satellite's, internet and every other possible way. They book 100's of guests each day to fill the airwaves.

      Their goal is to fill the time. Does not really matter too much what the content is as long as you watch. I no longer watch. Easier to pick the days facts from the newswires.

      CNBC also makes every little thing into a giant super important thing. Jobs numbers? We have a timer for that and will remind you ever commercial break! ADP numbers? Sure we have a countdown for that too. Every other not very significant economic event...we'll remind you too over and over because it is super important. We'll even show you timers with 100th of a second accuracy because these things are really really important.

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