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  • dan.debris dan.debris Jun 12, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Fish the coward

    Mela is all time low today....and fish has swam away after pumping for 3 telling how much newbies lost due to him

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    • fish_discover_water_last fish_discover_water_last Jun 12, 2013 10:58 PM Flag

      by his own admission "dan.debris" has been "following" me for 3 years and yet his alias only goes back as far as April 30th. Add to this that he is over on the MELA board lying about his position, and he's calling me a coward? As the folks behind this multi-alias bashing and harassing were so fond of pointing out over on the MELA board, I have not had a position in MELA for years. How do they know this? because I posted that fact long ago. I have never pumped the stock. I believed the product would be approved and it was. I believe that the product works and it does. Will it eventually be a commercial success? Perhaps, don't know but as a stock it has been far too uncertain for me which is why I have stayed away. I have greener pastures to tend, most notably NVDQ and SSYS which I did in fact recommend here on this board long ago

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      • What has it been, 4 years that this clown has been stalking you? I've seen some pretty desperate for attention people before but this guy takes the cake. I showed a psychologist some of his postings one and pointed out how long it had been going on and she said that the writer was seriously messed up person. Any normal individual might stick around for 6 months to a year tops. For a person to go beyond that amount of time shows a deep disturbance. Beware of people like that. They can be dangerous.

      • andersongordon Jun 13, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

        Good to see you again Fish. I took your advice, looked into NVDQ and it is now the second largest holding in my portfilio. Thanks. Thanks. If I ever get to meet you in person I'll treat you to dinner.


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