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  • vcxvenfdewe vcxvenfdewe Apr 4, 2009 12:58 PM Flag

    I'm going all in!


    Finally help has arrived! Watch this video, you will see what I mean. I just became a member last week, and my portfolio is going up. If your already a member did you watch todays nasdaq & dow video? Isn't is a great trading tool? I just love it!>>&&^^**

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    • William Black was a laser in a sea of media irresponsibility and corruption. But there is one important point I have not seen much coverage of.
      This week the dow broke back up through 8000. Why?
      Because the bankers and the politicians got the rules changed on Mark to the Market rules. Up to now, the Mark to the Market rules said Bankers had to show assests on their balance sheets at what the current market value is. So in this market, most of these toxic mortgage backed securities have very little value because there is very little market for them. The politicians and bankers were able to pressure those who set the Mark to the Market rules to change those rules and let the banks show the assests for what they would be worth in a "normal" market. Which effectively means show them at a false value. So here we are, screaming for tighter regulation, more transparency, honest bankers, and the politicians and bankers walk right in and do more of the corrupt practices that have gotten us into this mess and the market celebrates it. This is hideous and should be plastered in banner headlines in every newspaper across the country and it is almost virtually unknown. Black is right to say the trust is completely broken.

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