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  • hansy4prez hansy4prez Apr 11, 2013 3:48 AM Flag

    Employees can afford very good lawyers

    Please continue to providie benefits which your company has promised to provide. Also employees expect to be compensated for the hours I worked for "free" which were recorded on timesheets especially if Lockheed was compensated for that time from the customer. Not only would money be owed but "forced labor without compensation" could be considered slavery and could bring criminal charges.

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    • Would someone please explain the concept of overtime if you are on salary. I thought the premise was that you worked until the job got done. Oh yeah, that's right, the 'union mentality' extends up to the 'sourly' ranks at LMT. Sheesh - join the real world, folks!

    • I think Lockheed can be held liable for damages if an employee suffers permanent injury by coming to work when sick due to the 40 hour limit LM has imposed on sick leave. I believe the FLSA provides for sick time for exempt employees whether or not it is more or less than 40 hours. If you pass the 40 hour limit management will come whining up you #$%$ to save a few bucks for dividends and stock goosing puposes.

    • paul_revere_patriotsssssssss paul_revere_patriotsssssssss Apr 18, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

      Employees don't need to afford any lawyers!
      1. Not being paid for work is an issue for NLRB and DCMA. They hear your complaint for free. They will ask you to provide names and evidence, and they do the rest for free. DCMA explicitly told me that any government employee coming in to do work on their assigned days off are fired straight away.

      2. Discrimination (age, race, etc.), Harassment, and Retaliation, go to your local EEO office. (A) there are already class action cases in their system against this employer that are looking for additional participants, and (B) if you are laid off during an active investigation the EEO views that as retaliation.

      There is only a two month window after termination to keep or return the severance package. Don't wait until the last minute once a lay off notice is received to talk to the EEO. Some states have online pre-interview forms.

      3. If you are injuried on the job go to Workers Compensation(WC) for which the company is self insured. If you are discriminated, harassed, or retaliated against for using WC, WC will help you with 2(B) above.

      You might ask why don't more employees take advanatage of these services for which they may have an appointed lawyer for free? There are two reasons I can think of. One, there are trained intimidators in leadership that use fear and threats just as the KGB would use to dissuade a frightened employee from going forward.

      IT TAKES GUTS AND DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT TO EMPLOYEES WITH GOOD WORK ETHICS TO TAKE SUCH ACTION. However, if you've reached this point it is the law and your ethics that are compromised

      Secondly, the company knows most employees are lazy, cash strapped or just plain full of hot air and won't bother to see what rights and protections are provided to them FREE under the law. Remember, none of these laws would exist if all employers were ethical.

    • All middle class should shut up and work harder! We can not live without you! Thank you for your contribution! Richman

    • If the company is billing the govt then the employees should be getting paid. Otherwise, employees should quit recording the extra time and then let the company deal with inaccurate cost accounting. The company cant have it both ways.

    • This may very well fall into the category of defrauding the govt. Think of it as a supplier submitting a phony invoice but never getting paid but the govt getting billed

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