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  • zarfraz zarfraz Oct 17, 2008 5:53 AM Flag

    For the sake of the U.S.A

    Thursday was the lonely day no fed official poked the market with injections and false pep talk and the market rocketed 400 points. This morning the futures are already shaping up deep red in anticipation of Bush's pep talk and cheap attempt to grab credit for yesterdays gains.

    The skipper will call the survivors to getback on board the sinking ship.

    Isn't the message clear that markets hate this administration.

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    • it maybe true, but i think the future being down has a lot to do with the European's markets is not following through our gains yesterday as is their turn to take a double bottom like we did yesterday. let's be sure if their markets start making a come back, our future will also.

    • I agree and i'm a good trader. I can't even trade this market anymore. I was up all year and now have a loss for the less. You can't even swing trade you have to be a daytrader if you on the wrong side you get killed - like I got this week. I'm retiring from trading for 2-3 months till things mellow out. I finally said F it i'm not going to play anymore. What do you guys think good idea?

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      • I say F-it, use it to your advantage....

        When monkey talks, money walks.

        Sell stuff. Make money. Buy it back at the end of day.

        It's so predictable... and you guys are right. Every one hates this admin so much that the mere sight of one of em is good for about 250-400 points downside. The Chimp and the studder twins... Man...

        I wish they would just shadddddappppp already.

    • This administration, all people appointed by this administration, are just unbelievable.

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