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  • thefricker thefricker Dec 5, 1997 2:18 PM Flag


    Does anyone have any opinions about SLM? It's supposed to split 7-2 on Jan. 2. However, the government is giving private holding co.'s like SLM some competition. What do you think the stock will do after the split and throughout the rest of '98?

    It's trading at about 139 right now.

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    • Wait till you see the volume on Jan 2 and after... At this price you should see this rocket... This is one slick move by the Board of Directors....Buy Buy Buy....

    • You can bet I am happy as can be ! I am glad I bought it .

      I highly recommend anyone to buy in ! I have talked to
      my invester, he advised me to buy more.

      Anyone out there got any more good news !

      This stock was a great Cristmas present !!!

    • SLM held up even with the market diving. I'm glad I bought in. I hope one of the earlier messages was right in their feeling that after the split it will go to 47.

    • The best advice anyone ever gave me was to read Benjamin Graham's book THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR Harper Row 1973 ISBN:0060155477 if you master this theory you can retire in about 5 years with no stress. I am leaving now for an extended Christmas sabatical.
      Today SLM tested 145 in a very down market. I am watching Hong Kong live an it is bad there meaning tomorrow will be a bigger sell off than today. If you have read that priceless book and I have affended you I am sorry. It will be good reading during the Holiday as you wait on the big dividend. Have a Great Holiday Season, see ya'll in Jan.

    • Is that like jumbo shrimp? Research the problems of direct lending <EDS contract> and the choice of colleges and universities for their lending programs along with SLM's proven history of performance and you should be able to come up with an educated guess---> UP to 98'......

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      • Many analysts are predicting SLM to be the stock most moved by the January Effect. It is a rare situation when a 7 billion dollar holding company will be at its lowest price on Jan 2nd. this is due to the dividend payout in the form of a 7 for 2 split
        the price should drive the stock to it's recent high moving average. This would also lower the multiple to 12.5. The price will be targeted at 40 then expected to reach 47 target price by the end of January. We have placed a STRONG BUY on this security due to it's blue chip status, very affordable share price, decreased government competition, it holds the same monopoly position in university loan notes as Microsoft does in software and it pays an excellent dividend that continues to be increased.
        This company continues to outperform all others and always puts the share holder first. These are Berkshire Hathaway qualities.

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