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  • repo_105 repo_105 Oct 12, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    What about RVPs prefilled glass retractable syringe patent that was filed in 2009?

    One patent for their plastic vanishpoint syringe runs out in mid 2015,but they have new patents in the works. If the new glass syringe gets approval, what is that worth? IMHO, RVP will be acquired for a lot more than 3.10. CEO Shaw is greedy, but don't think he is stupid.

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    • I doubt Shaw will sell the company .. What is he going to do with his life .. He is 62 years old and being the boss of RVP is the only thing he can do ..

      For patent you mention, i am not sure how great it is, but if it is like their previous famous patents that has not resulted in much shareholder value, I would not expect something different.

      Note that my analysis shows that
      1- if RVP goes to end and wins appeal, shareholder will end up with about $7
      2- if RVP goes to end and loses appeal, shareholders will end up with 50 cents
      3- if RVP settles, shareholders end up with about $4

      My analysis of $3.1 is adjustment for risk of 3 scenarios above and adjusting for illiquidity

      Best case for shareholders is if RVP would sell company which shareholders could get about $9 to $10, but i doubt would do that

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      • From a probability standpoint there is very little chance that BDX will win the appeal. The verdict can only be over turned if an error of law has occurred. Also, the Judge has had enough with BDX's counsel's abusive conduct by deluging the court with mounds and mounds of paper work. Yes, there is always a risk, but at $3.25 a share it is already built in. Accrued interest continues to mount and that can add close to $1 a share for every year.

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