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  • stocktradernewbie stocktradernewbie Sep 11, 2009 12:53 AM Flag

    Hang is Full of ....

    Look, I have been a quiet owner of PWRD,SNDA,and CYOU over the past 4 months. Hangmanis full of shit. I remember debating his B.S. on the CYOU board untill I had all I could take. He uses the same lines and lingo or terminology with few deviations on ALL the chinese gaming stock boards. Just the same old recycled bullshit..then he gathers a following of "sheep" he once stated "CYOU is worth no more than $20 at the most" Then he gets ROLLED out of a supposed short position just before 4th of July holiday..reports small losses of course. Go back and read his posts from early June through July and early August to see that he "warns" everyone of impending doom. If the stock EVER dropped 3% in a day he would push the petal to the metal on attempting to describe the move on a Macro market level. He would shake these guys out of positions. His vocabulary is good ,however, his Monday morning quarterbacking sucks..dont get pulled into his bullshit.

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    • "A professional trader made 2.5 million ivy education psychology doctor license with 20 years trading experience only made two loss trade in the past 20 months" was pumping a penny stock on yahoo message board?

    • I never called anyone a liar before, ever, on any message boards, but you are a liar. My trades are well documented on Cyou or anywhere else. You are one of those guys with multiple user names by constantly changing it from board to boards to hide your identity.

      Whether you are long or short, why don’t you add something in value to the board instead of spreading lies? I don’t believe a word you said because you are a liar.

      Unlike you, I admitted my defeat which simply means that a trade went against me. However, due to earlier wins which I covered I was able to mitigate overall lost (triggered stop lost). I don’t think having a small lost makes me a liar. You, too, try to limit your losses and let the profits run and know when to fold a trade to fight another day.

      As far as price of any specific company at given time—it is a moving target—if it goes up to $40 than it is worth $40, but if it goes down to $20, than it is worth $20, etc. If you are a trader instead of liar, you should know that…


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