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  • eric_at_college eric_at_college Jan 18, 2013 3:08 AM Flag

    This company needs to earn our trust

    I use their products specifically StarTrek Online and will continue. I will not give them money because they act shady with in their website(difficult to explain but I will try). All I can say is for some reason I have two accounts now(they might be trying to inflat numbers of new users) and Customer service is very poor and BBB gives them an F and I understand why. Quality of in game enviroment is good though. Be careful with this one.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • I will say I might be willing to use gift cards which are highly available at local stores but I would not trust them with my credit card information (limits profits). Also, it seems the two accounts got merged (cryptic account/perfect world account). Not sure why ALL Cryptic Customers had to sign up for new accounts (perfect-world accounts), when they could have merged accounts in their system "inflate". Last, In-game metrics like digital purchases and new users is key to profits. Again, In-game environment of Startrekonline is quality and fun. *Tried to add link to article about account linking but yahoo does not allow, but it was available on their website.* Hope this helps and good luck investing.

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      • From what I hear most of the complaint is about 'lock boxes' which of course are optional, the other big one being lack of content which apparently is getting better?. I am not sure why they would not merge the accounts over, but I know I tried the game when it was on steam I had to sign up for a perfect world account even though i have a steam account. The back end is pretty complicated and they probably took a lazy route rather than a more difficult merging? I would not base my investment on perfect world on the success of star trek online, but i certainly see it as a positive that they managed to turn around a failing game and grow the userbase. They recently posted they have '3 million' captains so i guess they do have a bit of a reason to inflate numbers, however real analyst would take those figures seriously.


    • As far as I am aware they do not publish metrics of user-base of star trek online so I don't know why they would be trying to 'inflate' the numbers. Thanks for the info and please elaborate!

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