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  • pitbullcapital pitbullcapital Aug 12, 2011 3:29 PM Flag

    GAIN vs. GLAD

    Been looking to add shares of either GAIN or GLAD to my long-term portfolio. Looks like these guys still are at a great price after the recent panic.

    My question to everyone is: Which one represents a better long-term purchase for income production and capital gains? Or should I do half in each?

    Im leaning toward GLAD right now but want so hear any other opinions. THanks in advance.

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    • Long term GAIN is a good investment, GAIN just started GAINP (PERFERED), THE DIVIDENDS if reinvested on both are a sure thing , check the stock news today.

    • same page was making the judgemet also own both GLAD Y is 10.80% and GAIN is 8.6% Capital growth growth better for GAIN goal $8.50 for both a year out in this market maybe the down side is better with the higher yield on down days get the one that goes down put a bid in under the market like GLAD at $7 .50 and GAIN at $6 adjust you price based on what the general market is doing


    • They are both awful choices really although I have to admit I have become very negative on the sector generally.

      GLAD long term ROE is low single digits and GAIN is mid single digits. After tax cash returns are even worse than this would suggest because you end up with considerable taxable income and a long term capital loss that you can't use until you sell.

      Stay with best of breed here -- ARCC, HRZN, TCRD if you must own BDCs.

    • GAIN has 20,000 in insider purchases recently -- very unusual for them, they usually don't buy. GAIN has been doing better than GLAD -- they raised the dividend and had a nice sale that gives them a capital cushion. GLAD saw the book value fall from just over 11 to 10.34 and the stock got whacked as a result. Gladstone just bought 10,000 in GLAD though and he rarely buys as well.

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