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  • elronerickson elronerickson Jan 5, 2009 10:54 AM Flag

    Boycott Israel/Stop US Aid to Israel

    The holocaust in Palestine has to end.

    Boycott all things made in Israel (UPC product codes that begin with 729) see

    And call your congressman demanding the stopping of US aid to Israel.

    Let them stand on their own two feet and not on the wallets and pocketbooks of Americans.

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    • Would rather send ammunition. Boycott muslim products. Do they have any products besides oil & opium?

    • and they are unloading what they got out of the ground the last 24 months.

      Best hope is for a rebound in a year or two.

      Not only is there a glut of oil, the worsening economies mean MUCH less demand than anyone could have ever imagined.

    • Thanks to all of those who are concerned about Palestine and Israel.

      I'm short on Zionism and long on Israel (when it becomes a good neigbor and becomes a true democracy - embracing all faiths).

      60 years? Is there a statute of limitations on theivery? Despite 15 or so outstanding UN Resolutions against Israel and 60 years gone by, I think Israel has a long way to go before they're considered legitimate.

      In the 40's Palestinians were nice and gave displaced Jews some place to stay and the bad guests stole their country from them??? Nice neighbors.

      That reminds me of the Woody Allen joke, when describing the Zionists, "Give them a inch, they want a foot. Give them a foot they want a yard. Give them a yard. They'll want to put a pool in it."


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      • I'm sorry Elron but you seem like a hypocrite to me. You want peace but preach hate. Saying someone with dual citizenship with both Israel and America will always be loyal to Israel first is really coded Anti-Semitism in my book. In fact it is one of the oldest forms of Anti-Semitism. Of the list of 12 questions Napoleon asked the Grand Sanhedrin in 1806 were these:

        "In the eyes of Jews are Frenchmen not of the Jewish religion considered as brethren or as strangers?"

        "Do the Jews born in France, and treated by the law as French citizens, acknowledge France as their country? Are they bound to defend it? Are they bound to obey the laws and follow the directions of the civil code?"

        This is the classic argument made by the Anti-Semite--that Jews are loyal to Israel before their native country. And throughout history it has not proven to be the case. Jews have fought for their adopted lands in wars, including Germany in the first World War. It's not Jews who've been disloyal to their countries. It's countries that have been disloyal to the Jews time and time again--loyal Jews, veterans even, Jews who saw themselves as atheists and Germans first and foremost--all murdered wholesale. So yes Jews needed some sort of homeland and yes the way Israel is behaving right now--NOT THE JEWS OR ZIONISTS BUT ISRAEL AS A NATION STATE--is disgraceful. But a man can love more than one country and more than one people and be loyal to all. And equating Jeffery Dahmer with zionists is about as Anti-Semitic as you can get, another coded reference to the anti-semitic blood libel. The region needs peace, not hypocrites like you who claim to want peace but are really Anti-Semites in sheep's clothing.

    • When you find out that Chertoff and Emanuel have Israeli dual citizenship along with the neocons who allowed the CIA and the Mossad to perpetrate 9/11 on the USA - and get American lemmings to go along with attacking Iraq, do you ever visit this next site link to see what other Zionists have dual citizenship and VERY QUESTIONABLE LOYALTY TO THE USA?

      Anyone with dual citizenship with Israel is an "Israel First" Zionist with zero loyalty to the American people.

      No more wars for Israel. And no more aid to Israel. Force Israel to learn how to be a good neighbor. Put an end to paying for their tools to bully.

      Israel can be a good neighbor in our lifetime.


    • A few questions that people have:

      Do all young sadists in Israel grow-up to be Zionists?

      If Jeffrey Dahmer had grown-up in Israel, would he be prime minister of Israel?

      Inquiring minds want to know...

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      • there are more college grads that come out of Israel per capita than any other country including usa. Bill Gates even has an r&d office there. Is there anyone here who has actually visited Israel? I have. They treat blacks and christians with more respect tan they could ever get anywhere else. Please guys...........think before you talk. To us eductaed peole who have been to Israel you all sound like morons and skinheads. BTW.....IN THE BIBLE IT SAYS "hE WHO BLESSES ISRAEL SHALL BE BLESSED. Guess you are all screwed. LOL. Please, only those with an actual education bisides the BBC and CNBC reply back. Is there ay actual degreed historians here? Anyone who can think? Ummm....sorry. Anyway, Israel stands up for the world, and turnsa way no one. Stop believeing what the anti-semitic newscasters show you. Want proof? Show me one area in the usa that is jewish that has crime. Answer: ZERO!

      • As before you have no mind lictronics.

    • eliminate the Terrorist Jihadi scum that use their people as human shields and suicide missions...

    • If Zionist terrorists blew-up the King David Hotel - and Zionists hate terrorists - does that mean that Zionists hate themselves?

      And if the Zionists have made hate unlawful and at the same time the Zionists hate the Muslims and the Palestinians - does that mean that the Zionists are unlawful?

      Inquiring minds want to know...


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      • You have no mind licktronics!

      • Stop confusing Jews with Zionists and Zionists with Kadima and Likud. Not every Jew is a zionist and not every zionist supports the incursions in Palestine. There are plenty of Israeli citizens and zionists who are as miserable about the invasion of Palestine as there are Americans miserable about the invasion of Iraq. Your anti-semitism and ignorance simply feeds the hate. And for the other anti-Islam side, stop confusing Muslims with terrorists. There are more than 1 billion Muslims in the world and the vast majority of them are not terrorists. Both fanatical arguments on this board are ignorant and bull-sh-t. Families of Holocaust refugees and yes zionists have every right to be in Israel after what Europe did them. They simply need to learn to share and create a true democracy instead of a theocracy. But it's sentiments like the asinine ones on this thread that lead saner people to believe there will never be peace there. A pox on all your houses, you arrogant war-mongering bums.

    • Great idea. It would be good for Israel in that it would strengthen the hand of the many decent Israelis who remember how they were once treated and who don't want to shit on the Palestinians as the Likud and the AIPACers would have it.

    • I can only say one thing to all of you, war is the end product of hatered.wether it be religion ,politics or enevy.And the little fellow gets killed, his kids, his wife.AND FOR WHAT.(HATERED) and who is the auther of that satan.

    • Abrahamic religions( Christianity, Islam and Jew) are based on closed book faith. Not open for debate. Closed book blinds their wisdom.

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