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  • mrtrader2005 mrtrader2005 Feb 23, 2011 7:21 PM Flag

    Matrix Analytix says world war on Oil Supplies coming

    They posted this back in April of 2010 predicting a world war on Oil Supplies

    Global Darwinian Forces Point To World War Predicated On Crude Oil Supplies

    We as mere individuals, will never understand the desire to become a global superpower. This desire is something reserved for continents, nations, and unions as it is impossible for us as mere individuals to achieve such status. However, even though we may not have the capacity to understand this desire, we know that it exists. We know that every single day every sovereign nation is actively working or has the innate desire to become the strongest entity in the world. Why does this happen? What is the driving force behind this phenomenon? In my opinion it is driven by the underlying principle that the world lacks enough supply of natural resources to prolong the existence of every single nation over the long run. Over time, as the world begins to approach levels where natural resources are being fiercely competed over because of inadequate supplies and/or unusually high global demand at the margin, the strongest nations will attempt to force weaker nations into further weakness in the hope that this action may curtail overall demand and allow the strongest nations to accumulate necessary supplies at cheaper prices. It is Darwinism at its purest, and it is ultimately driven by the idea that while economic harmony may exist when the strongest parties are satisfied with the distribution of goods and resources, extreme competitive behavior will arise when those parties become dissatisfied with the allocation of resources, especially those resources necessary for independent survival. It is very much akin to the behavior of animals living in a jungle free from the so-called orders of society. When all animals including the strongest are fed and all so-called entities appear satisfied, harmony may exist because there is no need for competition as supplies of resources are adequate enough to meet the demands of all entities. However, if/when the strongest entities become dissatisfied with their levels of consumption, we will likely see an extreme uptick in competitive behavior as the idea of the natural order for satisfaction dictates that the strongest must be first to be completely satisfied. If/when this natural order appears to be imbalanced in that the strongest are not receiving adequate supplies, the strongest entities will likely seek to not only eliminate those entities which they believe will restore natural balance, but they will specifically seek to eliminate those who they believe will be easiest to eliminate (i.e. those entities who appear weakest). So what resource are we speaking of specifically when we speak of resources necessary for survival? We are speaking of crude Oil. Every single other commodity is secondary to crude oil in terms of necessity for survival. Gold, corn, wheat, coal, even steel are all secondary commodities. We don't need corn or even grain to survive, and coal and other fossil fuels are simply alternatives to the most important fossil fuel of all, crude oil. Without crude oil, factories would come to a stand still, refineries would be unable to produce gasoline, airplanes would be grounded, heating oil would be unable to be produced, and ultimately unemployment would skyrocket as productive inputs are unable to function and means of transportation become idle. It is the reason why there is literally no limit to how high the price of oil can go over the long run. Its significance as the world's primary energy source produces wars, wreaks havoc within the economic supply chain, and has the capacity to bring entire nations to its knees.

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