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  • savvy_investor123 savvy_investor123 Sep 26, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

    Iran president arranges a large crude oil sale possibly-causing oil price fall!

    Saudi is also selling large future oil contracts. The oil price will keep falling to $70s a barrel like last time! Then, rise back up again!

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    • One thing has always puzzled me. Iran maintains that they are not seeking a nuclear weapon. Yet, their President, Ahmanutjob, this week maintained that "Israel will be a footnote in history" and their "supreme leader" said they would "wipe Israel off the map".
      It is clear that Iran does not have the conventional arms to do that or they would have already. My question is, without a nuclear weapon, How do they intend to do that?

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      • makes sense and that is why Israel is scared. Eventually Israel is going to attack Iran but how effective can it be as Iran has been moving deep underground all of their nuclear technology development. Even if US attacks Iran, it will only set Iranians back a few years on the quest.
        Only way to terminate Iranian ambition is to terminate the countries entire government like what happened in WW2 with Japan, Italy, Germany. Saudis and other Sunni countries have no love for Iran and also scared Iran will get nukes.
        Iran with nukes will set off nuke race in ME.
        World is a dangerous place, history shows the truth, their is no lasting peace.

      • Remember the thought process - it's probably something like thinking that all the Muslims will rise up, grab kitchen knives, and go attack Israel -- while their leaders stay back home in safety. Best thing would be for Ahm to lead a mob attack from the front of the pack, then one bullet would end the conflict.

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