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  • andthepoint andthepoint Nov 4, 2012 9:56 AM Flag

    Jim Cramer: Obama Is Going To Obliterate Romney In A Historic Landslide

    "The Washington Post asked a bunch of pundits/gurus/big-names for their electoral predictions.
    There's a big list of folks, and almost all see Obama winning.
    Among the names on the list. Jim Cramer, who has a SUPER aggressive Obama call.
    Whereas most folks see Obama just moderately getting over the 270 mark, he sees Obama winning 440 electoral votes, with 55% of the vote."

    This will prove once and for all how out of touch the "carnival barkers" on CNBC are....especially their ring leader...Jim Cramer.

    And the sad thing....there are plenty of sheep around that continue to follow this tripe.

    Romney will be elected by at least 6% of the popular vote and over 300 electoral college votes. People on Main Street are hurting and the socialistic public policies as well as the artificial simulus brought about by Bubble Ben has done nothing but prolong a real recovery if not bankrupt the country.

    We need someone in the White House with a clue. We are about to get one.

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    • This should shake the market in a couple of weeks when EBC says no to Greece, Also ECB sais they cant tell Spain that buying there bonds it would lower there interest rates, thats another killer, but heres the ECB story,
      .. .

      FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The euro zone economy shows little sign of recovering before the year-end despite easing financial market conditions, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Thursday, leaving open the possibility of an interest rate cut in the months ahead.

      But after keeping rates on hold on Thursday, Draghi said the ECB cannot do much more to help Greece with its debt burden and gave Spain none of the assurance it wants that ECB bond buying will lower its borrowing costs.

      "The ECB is by and large done," Draghi told his monthly news conference when asked what the bank could do for Greece.

    • Democrats got the vote due to them doing a lot of handholding, registering voters, grass root work.
      Not enough anger about the economy and a lot more looking for FED handouts since they are poorer now after the last 4 years.

    • Did you get your sticker that says I VOTED? only those who vote get one LOL, i got mine. Now Andthepoint i have a question. It doesnt matter who wins the election as they have the Fiscal Cliff to deal with, now if Congress does manage to get that done even in the last minute the next issue in March is the defict ceiling has to be raised, do you think a disaster is in the waiting? I do, and even if they bailout Greece they will still default and go bankrupt by beginning of next year, their largest companies are leaving the country, the Greek President never addressed and fixed the issue of tax evaders where all the rich moved there money into Swiss accts which accts for 28 billuon euro lose of revenue. Next year will be interesting, Fred

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      • Fred,
        Looks like we are scrued in my opinion. Obummer is a failure and I fear what the next 4 years will bring.
        As far as the "fiscal cliff"...If things were great during the Clinton years (and they were good because the economy had just gone through a recession and the business cycle was on the upswing) then let's go back to those tax rates....everyone. Also, the 2% short-term tax reduction on SS needs to expire as it was a short-term policy during this deep downturn...and if everything is better like they say then it should expire and there won't be a problem...cuz the economy is improving as we heard during the campaign. And the cuts in $500B in Domestic and $500B Military spending should be inacted if they can't figure out how to serioulsy reduce goverment spending...and not reducing the rate of goverment spending...but actually spend less next year than you did this year.

        But h3ll...what do I know...I have to make payroll every week and watch my expenses if I am going to keep my business profitable.

        The bottomline...this economy has been kept alive through life support and morphine compliments of the FED's artifical money and Obummer's short-term stimulus.

        The US is not the richest country in the world....we are flat broke and owe everyone. We have to cut back and get our spending more in line with what we are bringing in. When that happens (and I fear it won't happen with this Bozo in Chief)...the cost of living for Americans will drop and they will have more descretionary income to spend and those fundamentals will strengthen the economy.

        And that is real strength...not smoke and mirrors.

        You are absoultely dead-on right about Greece. They have real problems over there.

      • hey fred I still hanging with my short. I got burned today from not switching long, but the positive is i dont have that many shares anymore. I actually made some money trading. I still say we go below 80 again. TODAY was just pump and the dump will come.

    • when obama wins again will you go away? Look at the sports books, these guys are never wrong, they give Obama a resounding victory. watch 60% at least.

    • Romney does not have any idea about how to fix the economy

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