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  • casesuzz casesuzz Nov 15, 2012 5:27 PM Flag

    Isreal now sending tanks and troops to invade Gaza

    Just bought USO cause mom always said buy low. USO set to double if the Middle East powder kegs goes off.

    Israeli troops and tanks moved toward the border of the Gaza Strip today and the government authorized the call-up of reservists as air strikes failed to halt the rounds of rockets being fired from the Hamas-controlled territory. The U.S. State Department today blamed Hamas for the escalation of violence.

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    • How likely is gaza conflict to drive oil price higher? Well it happened before so this is the sequel, probably not much will happen, although there are some differences in that Syria is under a lot of pressure, Iran is under more pressure etc. of course if conflict is contained to Gaza price of oil not much affected but if the conflict widens and there are risks oil goes higher. I dont think the world has much concern for the people of Gaza so one might not expect much reaction. Further what choice does Israel have if its under rocket attacks. Looks like Israel is going to bring Gaza under control once again and that means tough times for all including non combatant civillians. It would be nice if Egypt would give up some land and give the Palastine people a country of their own.

    • We're drowning in excess oil because DEMAND is slumping. Israel moving in on Gaza won't do anything to improve demand, so we'll still be left swimming in excess oil and crashing oil prices.

      Wake me up when you find some news that will sustainably increase oil demand.

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