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  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 12, 2012 12:07 AM Flag

    Clinton for president in 2016

    We just finished an election now they have several for 2016 LOL,,, Clinton 2016

    Fifty-nine percent of Americans and 81 percent of Democrats rate Clinton an “excellent” or “good” potential nominee for president in 2016.

    She is among the most popular members of the Obama administration with 70 percent of Americans having a positive view of the former first lady, compared with 55 percent with a favorable opinion of Obama and 48 percent with a positive view of Vice President Joe Biden.

    Biden receives a positive rating as a prospective presidential nominee from 32 percent of Americans and 57 percent of Democrats.

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, another potential Democratic nominee, is rated favorably as a nominee by 29 percent of the public and 40 percent of Democrats. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former Obama White House chief of staff, is rated favorably as a nominee by 19 percent of Americans and 32 percent of Democrats.

    The poll of all respondents has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

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    • There wont be anything left by 2016, we wont be able to service the $20T debt. Obamacare will cost us, at minimum triple original estimates and no way to pay for it. Hillary can't win on "I'll finish fixing it". Democrats needed to lose this election for the good of their future. Do as much spending damage as possible, hide out a few years. Now their own house of cards is crumbling above their heads.

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      • Hello Realize, Obama knows he doesnt have to worry about our debt. In 2009 the UN along with China and Russia were pushing hard for a one world currency, now with EU`s debt including ours this could happen, why would EU bail out Greece when they know they cant pay back? Other countries are for the one world currency. Heres CBS story on it, i didnt want to download the 218 page UN report LOL,,,,, World organizations, including the United Nations, are openly calling for the creation of a one-world currency to replace the dollar – and the Obama administration's trillion-dollar deficits are serving as a trigger for the currency
        switch, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports.

        A United Nations report recommended that a new one-world currency should be created to replace the dollar as the standard for foreign-exchange holdings in international trade.
        "If the plan succeeds, the United Nations would effectively end up replacing the United States as the issuer of the one-world international currency used as the standard of foreign exchange to settle international trade transactions," Corsi wrote. "The move would obviate the need for any nation state in the future to be the arbiter of world trade, marking yet another blow to national sovereignty on the path to one-world government."

        The report, released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, or UNCTAD, endorsed a proposal that Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, issued by the International Monetary Fund, or IMF, "could be used to settle international payments."

        Red Alert has previously reported that Russia and China championed the idea to use the IMF's Special Drawing Rights as a new international currency as a proposal that was adopted by the G-20 meeting held in London last April.

        Corsi noted, "That G20 summit meeting took an important step toward creating a new one-world currency through the International Monetary Fund that is designed to replace the dollar as the world's foreign exchange reserve currency of choice."

        Point 19 of the final communiqué from the G20 summit in London on April 2 stated, "We have agreed to support a general SDR which will inject $250 billion into the world economy and increase global liquidity," taking the first steps forward to implement China's proposal that Special Drawing Rights at the International Monetary Fund should be created as a foreign-exchange currency to replace the dollar.

        The IMF created SDRs in 1969 to support the Bretton Woods fixed exchange-rate system.

        "The international supply of two key reserve assets – gold and the U.S. dollar – proved inadequate for supporting the expansion of world trade and financial development that was taking place," a document on the IMF website explains. "Therefore, the international community decided to create a new international reserve asset under the auspices of the IMF."

        When the Bretton Woods fixed-rate system collapsed, major world currencies, including the dollar, shifted to a floating exchange-rate system where the price of the dollar and other major world currencies was created by trading on international currency exchanges.

        Until the current global economic crisis, SDRs issued by the IMF have been used by IMF member nation states primarily as a reserve account to support international trade transactions, not as an alternative international currency available to settle international debt transactions in danger of default.

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