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  • andthepoint andthepoint Dec 12, 2012 1:18 PM Flag

    More From Bubble Ben

    So Bubble Ben announces that to help the economy he is going to keep the pedal on FED stimulus...otherwise known as money printing.

    And what happens as a result of his announcement?....Commodities go up!

    And what happens when commodities go up?...the consumer or 70% of the U.S. economy will soon be hit with another wave of increases in their basic cost of living.

    Clueless....absolutely clueless.

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    • Not a lot of choices? The govt is trying to power out of this tail spin economy, and if it works it means more energy useage. Most likely best case scenario is that stimulus softens the blow and the economy/standard of living comes off more gently, but its got to be an unpleasant experience for the public and markets too. So maybe world oil demand remains flat for a while, but long term the world is only going to demand more oil. Perhaps conservation etc means less oil used in north america but the rest of the world is going to make up for that. not expecting oil will do much in 2013 unless geopolitics or conflicts starve supply.

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      • Stimulus is still trickster-ism. It boosts spending but when the stimulus goes away, so does the fake growth. Europe is moving to austerity. US is moving the opposite. Europe ran out of other people's money and their earlier stimulus's faltered, look what happening in Greece, Spain, Italy.

        Now the Democrats want to eliminate the debt ceiling, Obama wants total control of the monetary system that is reserved constitutionally for the congress. A seriously messed up country in the US, headed down a path of 'bread and circuses' as did the Roman Empire. Our government policies encourage people to take advantage of the system and grow the numbers of the poor.

        Asia is the new economic powerhouse.

    • Andthepoint gas is free, just ask Santa for a siphoning hose, but make sure you get your gas at around 3am in the morning. Now remember dont tell people i told you this. I dont want my secret to get out as its saved me thousands already LOL, Fred

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