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  • fp718591 fp718591 Dec 21, 2012 2:50 PM Flag

    Republicans wouldnt back Boehners bill, fiscal cliff is coming

    This just came out, now most of you know Boehners plan was o raise taxes on people who make a million or more, well the republicans voted it down because they didnt want to be blamed for raising taxes on millionares which was only an additional 4.6 percent LOL and it was voted down and Boehner............................................................................................................ Washington (CNN) -- Republican disarray over taxes forced House Speaker John Boehner to drop his alternative proposal to a fiscal cliff deal, leaving the negotiations in limbo Friday -- 11 days before automatic tax increases on everyone.

    Boehner said at a news conference Friday morning that his Republican colleagues refused to back his plan because of what he called unfounded fears of being blamed for a tax increase.

    "They weren't taking it out on me," he told reporters. "They were dealing with the perception that somebody might accuse them of raising taxes."

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    • there was a reason why the government put the fiscal cliff provision into law.
      AND NOW, they want to eliminate it, override it.
      Government wants to rob you, to spend it by tossing it into their ever growing bottomless pit.

      People are crying out to government to save them, and the government cant even save itself.
      So we just pretend none of this matters. And go on with things as they always carry on. someday though, the bell will toll for you.

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      • Hello Sdowney, Obama was on and stated we need to come up with a deal. First people think its Obama`s job to come up with a package well Boehner does. Its always been the Dems put a package together and the Republicans put a package together then deal from there. Now if the Republicans say no to raising taxes on people who make a million or more a year which is less then 1 percent, they just proved to the American people they favor the rich. Under the Democrap plan where Obama agreed to 400,000 thats less then 2 percent of the people affected and affects only 3 percent of small businesses. So if the Repubilicans wont say yes to a million they sure wont say yes to 400,000, the polls now show 87 percent of the American people say raise the taxes, thats because it wont affect them. That isnt good news for the repubilicans, and i bet they solve the tax issue before the end of the year then fix the rest next year within the first 2 months, but a small agreement will still cause a market selloff until the complete package is done.

    • still not a slam dunk for oil to sell off. Oil is worldwide, not just american politics.

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