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  • andthepoint andthepoint Dec 30, 2012 9:49 PM Flag

    At Least Milk Prices Aren't Going to Double

    They agreed to handle this archaic law (instituted in 1948). Oh....they merely extended the fix for a year.

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    • If they doubled the price of milk the parents today would just buy pop for kids to pour over there cereal and the kids wouldnt complain LOL,,, but i saw that on the milk. The estate tax is a real killer, its going back to 1 million then 55% tax after the 1 million, that will put your handed down family farmers out of business. I say it should stay the same 5 Million. Heres what i believe will happen, they go off the cliff then the Democraps produce a new bill giving people who make 250,000 or less a tax break, the Repubilcans will have to vote yes on that. Then the debt ceiling issues will come up and needs to be fixed by March, the repubilcans will say no to raising the debt ceiling and tell Obuma to quit spending, cut entitlements, and benny boy will be out of a job since he is no longer needed to print money to prop up the over inflated market.

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      • HA! I agree Fred.

        You a small business owner I am not going to lay off people because my tax rates go up. Everytime I hear those arguments from Republicans I really wonder if they have a clue as to how a business is run. It's all about demand and order intake. It does reduce the extra funds I would have for further investment in my business because it goes to the black hole of the goverment bureacuacy.

        Where the Republicans are totally right on is reducing the size of goverment and actually cut spending. The Democraps (as you hilariously describe) just can't do that.

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