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  • berto2727 berto2727 Feb 1, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    Ir@n to retaliate against Isr@el and U$ for Syri@n bombing attack

    Maybe Ir@n will block the Strait of Hormuz as thre@ten...

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    • Are you stupid?


    • We need to step on these azwipes once and for all. They continue to toy with every country in the west and thumb their noses each and every time. The U.N. is a complete joke and have no balls to do anything. Russia and China continue to stir the pot, like a wicked witch on Halloween.They want us engaged on as many fronts as possible, while they sit back and fuel the fire by supplying arms, ammo, and missiles. I am not sure what it is, but something big is going to happen very soon. These people are lunatics and could care less about reaching a solution. An Iranian nuclear scientist recently defected to the west and claimed that Iran's nuclear reactors were in serious need of repair. He said scientists and staffers were coming down with a mysterious disease. He also mentioned that Russia was called in to remove the radioactive rods before there was another Chernobyl. Estimates were that if that happened it could kill as many as 1 million people, and effect millions more if radioactivity spread. Syria has chemical weapons that if acquired by an enemy of Israel or other western countries could be devastating. They will not let these fall into the hands of an adversary at any cost. What a mess.

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