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  • dabrogg dabrogg Feb 8, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

    Barry O and the Pxilated Peak Oilers

    The U.S. has Oil out the Wazoo but In almost every energy speech, Barry O seys: "We've got 2 percent of the world oil reserves. We use 20 percent."
    But like barry always does, he adds a drop of truth to big Toady Lie.
    What he is talking about is oil we have already proved exists!

    A Federal Agency pre barry, claims there is 20 times that much or 400 Billion Bbls more and the industry claims there is 60 times that amount or 1.4 Trillion Bbls.

    IF yas want the facts ; It takes more faith to believe in peak oil than for an atheist to believe in God.


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    • You apparently don't know the difference between oil and kerogen.
      Those huge numbers you quote and which are tossed around a lot these days include the non-oil kerogen deposits around Colorado. That stuff is not oil, it is a precursor of oil which nature did not finish cooking. If we ever go after that stuff it will be in absolute desperation because the cost and environmental impact would make oil sands look extremely eco-friendly by comparison. Since it would be necessary to finish nature's job in cooking the kerogen into oil, it would involve massive energy cost, vast quantities of water (which we don't have) and would probably require at least $300 /brl prices to be feasible. That stuff is more like peat than oil, it's very different than the shale oil which is liquid but trapped in rock. It has been known about and studied for almost a century but nobody believes it can be economically extracted and converted to oil. Unfortunately a lot of media don't know the difference and report on it as though it is oil.

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      • You apparantly know more than the Federal Agency that reported we have 400Billions Bbls more than current estimates...... Lemme see, who would a person with average intelligence believe? The Federal Gov, The Oil Industry? Or some lunatic who , if they have a degree bought it.

        Tell me, I would bet you are also a XPGer. An end of the World'er as we know it loon. It's OK you were wrong then and you are still wrong.

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