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  • eatstocks4breakfast eatstocks4breakfast Nov 12, 2010 2:46 AM Flag

    Chickenhats, your spinjob cracks me up

    Dude, just admit it you gambled on this one and got steamrolled. Arguing that this stock is extremely overvalued is not just comical, but if you truly believe it, you are outright delusional. This is one of the best value stocks out there and they blew away estimates and you try to convince us that the stock is incredibly overvalued. Tangible Book Value is $9.24 and it will be rising sharply next quarter. PE is very low given the new guidance. It appears $1.00 EPS is very doable for 2011. Just cover and go long and you'll be a happy camper.

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    • Spin job ? You knuckleheads can go on and on about book value, blah blah blah, but obviously you have no clue about valuations based on true metrics, or EPS, cash, liabilities, etc. Keep on buying the stock my friend and we'll just see where that gets you. Sure, I still have a short position at $2.66, but I also have nice short positions at $3.20, $3.50 and $3.52, so keep on talking to your sheep, as they'll soon be led to slaughter. Gotta LMAO at the guy who just bid $3.21 pre-market and his shares were taken out in a flash by someone who at least has a clue. With the Shanghai down over 5% last night, you can count on $2.94 today and that's just a warm-up for what's to come. At $1.50, GRRF is an expensive stock, so keep trying to convince yourself otherwise, as I take your money and anyone else dumb enough who can't figure out a true valuation.

    • I don't know if anyone else was paying attention, but Yahoo finance raised the 1 year price Target overnight.

      Yesterday, it was posted as $1.80 and this morning it has been increased to $6.50!!!!!

      See you all on the other side.

    • He's funny, claimed to have started shorting GRRF at $2.66, keeps shorting every time it pops. Comical relief, or just some kid wanting attention...