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  • wheelyjoe34 wheelyjoe34 Apr 9, 2012 12:27 PM Flag

    I might be sorry

    I am out for now. Think there may have been a pump here with news released Thurs. The day traders IMO caught wind of this and will be dumping by days end.

    Looking to get back in at lower prices! Even if I pay for it, I could not risk the 60% profit!


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    • 60% is a nice profit, but I think you got out at a lower price than $1.58 today's closing.

    • OUCH!

    • pps closed near the high of the day in a krappy over all market.. also, let me reiterate this. I do NOT WORK FOR, AM COMPENSATED in any way from the company, or anyone else. I do not know anyone at ibio, or associated with the company in anyway. i have no idea if the company plans to release any pr for the reasons i list above. I give full disclosure in all articles i write.

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      • there is institutional ownership in plx which makes it more prone to fluctuations to the greater market (funds, etfs, options, etc)- and ibio more isolated.

        Additionally, analysts have seemingly capped PLX upon approval. we are still a bit away from the date, but rapidly approaching. Should run, but both companies should be expected to have a down day here or there as the date approaches. Create some doubt, Shake out some weaker hands before the run. I really feel strongly that the PLX candidate will be approved. It would be shocking to look at the data, how the data has corresponded to the agency process over time, that it won't be approved. Considering that this situation is the posterchild for the need for the healthcare industry to adjust and modernize incorporating plant based methodologies that work, establishing guidance, pathways, etc. The FDA never dinged the info. Never. The contamination that lead to the fast track approval for the plx candidate costed +- a billion dollars. That is including shareholder and company losses, increased medical and healthcare related costs from treatment not being available and resulting health complications in a pt population with no access. This figure does not take into account the pain and suffering by the pt population and their families, caregivers. Acceptable loss? Please.
        With global contraction, increasing deficits, rising costs, the only way that politicians, who promise their citizens healthcare, can be elected, is by invariably adopting plant based technology.

        The ibiolaunch can make a vaccine for 10% of the current manufacturing cost.
        The ibiolaunch can save minimally 150mm per year in operating costs in a 1000kg operation of Mab production.
        The ibiolaunch can make bioequivalent plasma that otherwise would need to be individually physically donated. Additionally, related post-translational costs constitute 50% of the cost of production,(also, removal of risk of contamination)
        The ibiolaunch can make it so everyone in the world has access to treatments, therapeutics including those patients that are allergic to mammalian cell derivitives.
        The ibiolaunch can address with success combatting epidemic and biological terrorist agents.
        The ibiolaunch can help reduce environmental impact of medicines, treatments, where resistance builds and newer more powerful strains constantly emerge; by providing remedy for areas of endemic...etc

        Cheaper, Better, Faster

        Not only can this technology save money, but it can dramatically improve and save lives while offering an agent of stability to the global economy.

        i have thoroughly and consistently researched this space over time in earnest, and as a result find it increasingly difficult to not be completely obsessed with this technology's potential.

      • Wheely, I suggest you get back in at these prices. There actually has not been a real run up when you look at it. Arun up could go to 3 or $4, then you might so a mild reversal. Usually when a stock with 20 bagger potential gets discovered, the first run lasts several days, but with this plx catalyst coming soon, that may change things here. But $1.65 for abio is not a run up

    • You stay on the sideline, or has reentered the game?

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      • Sidelines for now.


      • I've been here a long time. The newbies that entered, welcome. Julian has done a great job if sharing information about the industry, and from time to time so info on IBIO as well. He knows his stuff and is an invaluable resource for new IBIO investors.

        Don't quote me on this, but I think today was the highest volume IBIO has ever seen on the AMEX. Can anyone confirm this? For the past 6 months we've been lucky to see 40k traded a day. All indications say PLX will get approval, but in all honesty, if PLX gets approval, I would not be surprised to see many PLX investors sell on he initial run and park some money in IBIO for the bigger run. I know at least 15 people who hold a modest amount of shares in both PLX and IBIO who are foaming at the mouth to sell into PLX approval run and buy IBIO with PLX profit. they understand they might miss a quick spike, but IBIO is a long term gem IF and WHEN the platform is validated and commercialized.

        disclosure: I own zero PLX and have been buying IBIO steadily for over 1 1/2 years...3.56 was my highest buy and .70 was my lowest buy and I am currently averaged in at .94...locked, loaded, and sell price already set. I doubt my sell price will hit until at least 2014...good luck to all true longs.

    • 2.00 by thursday... give the article time to circulate

    • I think you got a little too early. It might shot up to over $3.

    • My opinion is that there will be a massive shake out before then.


    • profit is a profit, u probably right, the only thing dont wait to long PLX PDUFA is May 1 only 16 trading days away!

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