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  • silverback719 silverback719 Apr 9, 2012 2:29 PM Flag

    Volume and upswing is not do to Scott M

    This stock has been watched by many for the past year. They are buying because the pdufa is coming, Scott's article just said time to start the buying.

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    • silver, I am not sure about that. Scott has an enormous following. I agree, with the catalyst coming up, volume and sp was increasing. It seemed to me last couple of weeks maybe one big seller was keeping sp down. Bottom line, thousands of newbies here today solely due to scotts article. That is just a fact. Look at that volume! All I know is I am glad I found Julian and Scott, and am glad they are working together for ibio.

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      • working on the same goal. I don't know Julian, but from what I have seen, he seems to work very hard with his position here, and I greatly respect that. I would point out before I wrote any article on this one, the pps has been in an upswing for some time. All I have done is bring this company attention to others who would have no else have noticed it at this current price, but would notice it higher. I think IbIO is a heck of an opportunity for those willing to hold for a long term reward. its just many people cant or will not do that for various reasons. u can bet many now will. people like Julian have been here awhile, and deserves recognition for getting into the deeper DD. I would encourage Julian if he so wishes to, to write something for SA and other sites and make his case or iBio as well. GL all!

      • Julian, Please forgive me, I worded that wrong about you and scott. I did not mean yall are working actually together, what I mean is that I am glad that you are here and guiding longs with your knowledge of IBIO and what it does. I am glad scott is here, you must admit his article today was well written.In my view, the more heavy hitters on your team, the better. Give scott a chance, you will find him to be above board on his work. From what I have found out, what plx and ibio are doing is cutting edge and could cause major changes in the way some medical problems are treated. I know that is enough for me to stay long on ibio. thought about buying some plx, but then thought better of it, since the sp is already over $6. Could you plwase give me your opinion on this question: If plz gets approval on May 1, and ibio is $2 on that date, what happens then to sp? Also what happens if plx is turned down? I would appreciate your thoughts. Again, sorry for the mis wording on that post about you and scott.

      • i am not working with scott.

        you and your conspiring cohort were here pumping this company and admitted you do not know who bob erwin is. This is foretelling.

        i am just waiting for your signoff about how great scott is, look at the vol and runup! and that you hope everyone made their money, etc before nobody ever hears from you again.

    • Its always good to protect some profits, but I was here pre scott. I am still green, by 15 cents. I am in this for the May 1st news. THEN maybe in it for the long haul. Great time to load up on some more.

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