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  • iuhoosierben iuhoosierben Apr 10, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

    You all aren't already gone are you?

    mofisher22? its been awhile since you've posted?? Did it pump enough for you?

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    • haha mofisher22 you are funny.

      Looks like you and your boys are exiting...see you again someday...

    • Ready to load, lets see it!

    • Bring it down to $1.40 to $1.50 please!

      Waiting patiently.

      IUHoosier are you from Indiana?

    • Hey, thanks for shout out. Just ran to bank and brokerage. Maybe I shouldn't but I could not refuse the opp. to get in with more shares at these prices. I had to transfer some cash to scottrade. Dont know if you old timer, mid term timer like me, or a newbie. There is no pump going on here, but rather one of those rare instances when several good things come together at one time, to be more concise, I am referring to ibiohaving a cutting edge technology, catalyst ci=oming soon with plx date of may 1, ibio news of new patents, then todays breaking news pr, being discovered and having an article come out in national media, And prob more that escapes me at the moment. No pump, ever so strong, could hold green on a down market day like today. No, this is the real deal, consider yourself fortunate to be here, hope you are loaded, I got to end this and get over there and top off my shares. glta

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      • Oh, I forgot to include that the Gates are supporting ibio, and as I stated in another post, I would expect Warren to also already have loaded up, or since he has no need for more money, maybe just give ibio some money to advance thir technology. We in this country are so fortunate that our weathiest citizans are also very phlintrophic with their money. If I ever accumulate enough to be financially comfortable, I plan to do the same thing with some of my money.

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